How to be Lazy and Efficient

LeahZarzour, News Editor 

There are numerous ways where you can be efficient but also have time to do absolutely nothing. Being lazy does not necessarily mean you don’t have to do your homework, or slack on your job. Following a few steps can do so much for your relaxed lifestyle, giving you more time then you’d ever imagined while also staying on task.

  1. Class time

In order to become efficient, use every minute you can in class to get your homework done with. Pay attention in class, take in every work your teacher spews out about the history of the Industrial Revolution or sociological perspectives. Whatever it may be, pay attention to what they are saying so you’re not panicking the night before, frantically scamming through pointless papers. Homework can easily accumulate, so take some free time in school to quickly get that done with. Lunch time can be a great way for you to finish homework; spend half of lunch doing work, and the other half with your friends. Need to read a book? Or listen to a quick lecture? Spend the time riding the bus, or in a friend’s car to quickly finish that assignment. Reading or listening on your way home gets you flowing with ideas for your assignment, which makes it easier to work on it as well right when you get home.

  1. Work less but more

Work fewer days a week, but longer hours per shift. Why waste a full weekend when you could make the same about of money in one or two shifts! Work hard for those few shifts then take the rest of the week to do absolutely anything you want. Imagine working for three hours for four days a week; now think of working six hours for two days, or a double shift on one day. Same number of hourssame amount of money.

       3.) Sleep

Sleep is the most important part of your day, so get more of it. The average high school student gets 6-7 hours of sleep; the healthy amount of sleep can be up to 12 hours. “Power naps” can also be highly beneficial, especially after a tiresome day of work or school. A short, hour-long nap can result in efficient productivity, or a higher rate of thinking.

       4.) Don’t Procrastinate  

As tiring as it seems, doing your work little by little can make a huge difference. There are minor things in school where procrastination takes the best of us, however when it comes to projects, not doing your work can only make things worse for you, especially your free time schedule. As everyone knows, procrastination can never be beneficialjust like working at your job, get the hard stuff over with and spend the rest of time doing something you like.


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