The Future for the Falcons

CarolineTomczak, Seniors Editor

January 22, 2017 was one of the best days for almost every person living in Atlanta. This is the day the Atlanta Falcons made history by winning the NFC championship for the first time since 1998, and could finally say that they are headed to the Super Bowl. The Falcons ride to the Super Bowl not only brought the team closer together, but the city of Atlanta. After the Falcons won the National Football Conference, Atlanta was flooded with fans decked out in Falcons gear.

The anticipation we all had leading up to February 5, 2017, the day of the Super Bowl LI was finally over. Thousands of Falcons fans gathered around the TV with family and friends to see their favorite team dominate the game– for the first half.  Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse in the fourth quarter. Once the clock hit 0:00, heartbreak set into thousands of Atlanta Falcons fans, leaving many in shock and in tears.

Even after several weeks after the Super Bowl game, every sports and news networks continued to remind us of the horror of the game and what the future holds for the Atlanta Falcons. However, many fans have an optimistic view for the future of the team. Marissa Klee (SR) is one of the biggest falcon’s fan; ever since she was a baby, her and her family would go to almost all of the Falcon games at the Georgia Dome. She traveled to Houston to the Super Bowl to watch her favorite team and has some thoughts about the outcome of the game that happened right before her eyes, “While the recent events were heart crushing, I am confident that the falcons have the capability to recover. Most of our core team is returning and although we suffered some losses on the coaching staff, I completely blame some of the departing coaches on the loss. But of course this is the Falcons we are talking about and they will get your hopes up, and then repeatedly crush your soul.”

Despite the devastating loss for the Falcons during the Super Bowl, many fans believe that the Super Bowl is a learning experience and that the Falcons have a bright future ahead of them, just like the saying “you win some, you lose some.”



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