AllieBartlett, Staff Reporter

On Feb. 10, of this year, the Tim Tebow Foundation hosted its second annual “Night to Shine” prom dance for special needs teens and adults. This special event takes place in churches located throughout forty-seven states, as well as six other countries. Here in Atlanta, First Baptist Church Woodstock opened their doors from 6-9 p.m. Over 150,000 volunteers in total worked adamantly for days in order to make the night one to never forget. More than 75,000 people with special needs participated worldwide, including Chattahoochee’s very own Luke Renner (SR) and Gavin Wise (SR).  

D’Ann Renner, mother of Luke Renner (SR), quotes,“The Tim Tebow Night To Shine Prom was a class act. Special Individuals were treated like the wonderful, unique people they are. It was one of the best nights of his life.”  This charitable organization provides all of the attendees with VIP treatmenteverything from a red carpet entrance to volunteer make-up and hair stylists. Professional photographers posed as paparazzi throughout the night in order to catch the magic in action and also to capture all the formal photos every prom-goer must pose for. A limousine company offered attendees short rides around the town in style, even a karaoke room was provided so that everyone could feel like a star. And at the end of the night, each and every guest was crowned a king or queen, making for an unforgettably, special moment.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Tebow surprised guests at the Jacksonville, Florida event with a personal appearance, “I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” he told the attendees, “This is so awesome…churches getting together to celebrate people, to love people, to make a difference in people’s’ lives. The coolest part is that every single one of you were crowned kings and queens because that’s how God looks at you every single day of your life.”

Night to Shine aims to give off the same sort of magical allure of a real high school prom so that those who may have never had the opportunity to attend, can experience all of its’ magic. This is an evening dedicated to making these kids, “feel just how much God loves them,” says founder of the organization, Tim Tebow. It’s a beautiful night that centers around a group of people who don’t always get to feel so special.


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