A Recap of TEDxHooch 2017

MatthewKee, Staff Reporter

On April 15, Chattahoochee HS hosted their second annual TED event. The event began last year, when Grant Butler (SR) had an interest in TED’s mission of sharing ideas. This year featured a few returning speakers as well as new participants, all with fresh ideas to share. The line-up consisted of returning speakers such as Natalie Patterson (SR) and Maite Nazario (SR), as well as new speakers like Molly Clearly (SO) and Robert Hunter (SO). Topics covered ranged from local topics such as improving the academic structures of schools and the impact of stress in high schoolers to innovative ideas such as redefining the literature scene and grasping emotions more proficiently. As customary to the TEDx policy, every speaker was given the opportunity of having their presentation potentially published on the website, with their talks submitted to the organization for review as per policy. No confirmation has been made for next year’s event, as Butler will have to appoint a successor for the project.

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