Diamond Rings and Diplomas

With the year drawing to a close, many seniors are taking the time to reflect on their four years in high school, as well as look forward to the future. For two girls in particular, they have something monumental to anticipate in addition to crossing the stage and accepting their diplomas; walking down the aisle and accepting another as their husband.

Disclaimer: Names have been changed to provide anonymity and responses appear just as they were answered.

When do you plan on getting married?

Bride 1: “June 23, 2018.”

Bride 2: “July 21, 2017, when I turn 18. That’s when we’ll be “illegally” married, but we haven’t set a date for an actual wedding.”  

What steps are you taking to prepare yourself as a wife?

Bride 1: “I’m learning to be less selfish.”

Bride 2:  “I’m learning to be more responsible. “

How will you fund your wedding?

Bride 1: “His family will.”

Bride 2: “My boyfriend has a job right now. We’re saving up to throw a big wedding. I’m probably going to get a job soon as well.”

What are your plans for college?

Bride 1: “I’m going to University of North Georgia, to become a business major.”

Bride 2: “I will be attending Kennesaw State University.”

Where do you plan on living after your marriage?

Bride 1: “With his mom until we can get our own place.”

Bride 2: “Alaska, my fiancé wants to work on an oil rig. They pay for housing and he’s already spoken with the people working there. I don’t know if that will actually happen, but it’s our plan right now. “

Are your parents/families concerned about your decision?

Bride 1: “My parents are because they think I am too young, but his family is really happy.”

Bride 2: “They don’t know.”

What are you most looking forward to?

Bride 1: “Starting a family.”

Bride 2: “Knowing that he’s mine forever. “

What most frightens you about marriage?

Bride 1: “I’m not really scared of marriage. I’m kind of excited.”

Bride 2: “That something will go wrong, financially.”

What led you to say yes to your fiancé’s proposal?

Bride 1: “I love him and I don’t want to be with anyone else.”

Bride 2: “The first time he actually brought it up, I thought about it and I realized that I would actually like to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Bride 1: “Having graduated college, I hope to have a steady job, my own apartment and two kids. I would also love to own my own business. “

Bride 2: “I don’t know. Probably in Alaska, I guess.”

Major life decisions are always riddled with a mixture of anxiety and excitement. I wish the best for these two girls on their future endeavors, wherever they may lead them.


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