Mac Miller’s Impact

BridgetHoffmann, Staff Reporter

Mac Miller was an American singer, rapper and record producer. He has created five albums and 21 singles throughout the past six years. He was known as the musician that never stopped evolving. He dominated the rap industry with the most popular song of his career, “Donald Trump.” His career was unfortunately cut short when he was pronounced dead in his California home.

Many rappers and musicians get caught up in the dark side of partying, drugs and drinking. Miller, like many others, battled addiction for years but was  not strong enough to overcome his demons. Like Miller, rapper Lil Peep overdosed and unfortunately died; however, Mac Miller continues to be a respected musician in the rap industry. Due to Miller’s widespread popularity and appeal, his death was such a shock to his fans and the media.

The 26-year-old’s death struck the music industry on Sept. 7 after he died of an accidental drug overdose. When the news hit the internet, fans’ and celebrities’ tweets started pouring in, offering prayers for Mac Miller’s friends and family. His death had a huge impact on the music industry and Miller’s close friends paid tribute to him on social media and on stage. Performers such as Drake, Childish Gambino, J.Cole and many others dedicated their concerts and songs to Miller while they teared up on stage.

      Other artists like Ariana Grande had a close connection with Miller. Their 18-month relationship turned toxic due to his substance abuse. Ariana broke it off but was still supportive while Mac was sobering up. She took her anger, sadness and grief and put it into her music. In her new hit song “Thank U, Next,” she thanked all of her exs including Miller.

After Mac Miller’s death, Ariana received thousands of comments on her social media blaming her for his death. For weeks she posted on her Instagram about how much she loved and adored him endlessly. There is no question that Grande just wanted what was best for Miller and did her best to try to save him.

The tragic death of Mac Miller had an impact on many fans’ lives and the music industry itself. Miller brought a whole new definition to rap music and culture. His legacy will continue to live on forever.


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