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Flavor Juicery vs The Juice Bar

BridgetHoffmann, Staff Reporter

Flavor Juicery and The Juice Bar both look like the average shop on the outside but each offers its own unique variety. Both shops include so much more than juice and smoothies, with menus that include acai bowls, sandwiches and even oats.

To get down to the food itself, though, I feel like The Juice Bar’s speciality is smoothies and Flavor Juicery hit the nail on the head for desserts. The Aloha Smoothie Bowl with coconut water is the bomb, and the Strawberry Shortcake bowl at Flavor Juicery has a special place in my heart and really draws me in. Also, Flavor Juicery has this amazing toast – I always ask for the extra avocado.

This recent trend of restaurants going healthy is different but inviting. The trend started in Los Angeles when an assortment of restaurants and juicery stands started popping up around town. Both The Juice Bar and Flavor Juicery have wellness shots that are filled with vitamins and nutrients essential for becoming healthier. These restaurants made me watch my diet and made me appreciate juice bars and smoothie bars more in general.

Additionally, these juice bars also offer a variety of juices for a cleanse. A juice cleanse is a type of diet that involves consuming juice for five to seven days to lose weight and detoxify the body. The juices are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds which boosts the immune system and help people feel more energetic. These juices also help the gut work more efficiently and improve digestion. I have personally never done it, but it sounds like a perfect idea to do before spring break and vacations to avoid the gym. I find myself trying new combinations of fruits and vegetables combined I never thought I would like thanks to these juice bars.

The prices are relatively affordable at both shops; I ordered a smoothie for $7 at most. I would recommend them both to anyone, especially if you are looking for something sweet on a diet.


Mac Miller’s Impact

BridgetHoffmann, Staff Reporter

Mac Miller was an American singer, rapper and record producer. He has created five albums and 21 singles throughout the past six years. He was known as the musician that never stopped evolving. He dominated the rap industry with the most popular song of his career, “Donald Trump.” His career was unfortunately cut short when he was pronounced dead in his California home.

Many rappers and musicians get caught up in the dark side of partying, drugs and drinking. Miller, like many others, battled addiction for years but was  not strong enough to overcome his demons. Like Miller, rapper Lil Peep overdosed and unfortunately died; however, Mac Miller continues to be a respected musician in the rap industry. Due to Miller’s widespread popularity and appeal, his death was such a shock to his fans and the media.

The 26-year-old’s death struck the music industry on Sept. 7 after he died of an accidental drug overdose. When the news hit the internet, fans’ and celebrities’ tweets started pouring in, offering prayers for Mac Miller’s friends and family. His death had a huge impact on the music industry and Miller’s close friends paid tribute to him on social media and on stage. Performers such as Drake, Childish Gambino, J.Cole and many others dedicated their concerts and songs to Miller while they teared up on stage.

      Other artists like Ariana Grande had a close connection with Miller. Their 18-month relationship turned toxic due to his substance abuse. Ariana broke it off but was still supportive while Mac was sobering up. She took her anger, sadness and grief and put it into her music. In her new hit song “Thank U, Next,” she thanked all of her exs including Miller.

After Mac Miller’s death, Ariana received thousands of comments on her social media blaming her for his death. For weeks she posted on her Instagram about how much she loved and adored him endlessly. There is no question that Grande just wanted what was best for Miller and did her best to try to save him.

The tragic death of Mac Miller had an impact on many fans’ lives and the music industry itself. Miller brought a whole new definition to rap music and culture. His legacy will continue to live on forever.

Can Popularity Score You a Superlative?

BridgetHoffmann, Staff Reporter

Every year the seniors in yearbook establish a voting process to vote for people based off of popularity, campaigning and appearance. Some have waited since freshman year to be nominated but others could not care less. At Chattahoochee, it has become a tradition to pick one boy and one girl for each superlative. It has become a part of our senior year and probably always will be.

Some superlatives, such as “Biggest Brain”, are easily voted on. More biased superlatives like “Best All Around” are voted for by your friend group. Obviously, the more friends you have the more votes you are likely to receive. Campaigning is a huge part of winning the superlative you want, and students often walk around begging classmates to vote for them whether they know who they are or not.

The senior yearbook members review previous superlatives to pick the ones best fit for the current senior class. They make a finalized list with old and some new superlatives and send out a nomination form. Every senior chooses one boy and one girl for each superlative. From those nominations the top five move on to the second nomination.

“The juniors do the tallying and cheating is monitored very closely,” Mia Chakroun explains. This process is intended to prevent students from suspecting the nominations are rigged.

After the final tallies, the winners are announced on Instagram. They were announced in the middle of fourth period on Sept. 19. It is safe to say after the announcement there were many disappointed faces in the hallways due to not winning the superlative desired.

Allie Cyr (SR), was never a huge fan of superlatives and never cared for the drama it brought on each year. Cyr said, “It’s sad to see our grade fight over something so small that will not matter once we have all graduated. It is also clear that the well known male and female students win each year.” A recurring theme every year is the “cool kids” or popular, attractive students win superlatives. Cyr thought it was a way of labeling and judging students, which we are taught from elementary school not to do. Cyr felt that she did not want to leave high school being recognized as one thing, but that she was  more than one category or theme.

Yearbook and Chattahoochee High School have no plans of ending the senior superlatives anytime soon. It has always been a tradition and most likely always will be.

Politics in Sports

BridgetHoffmann, Staff Reporter

Everyone is aware of Nike’s slogan “Just Do It.” But could that be coming to an end? Colin Kaepernick has become the new face of Nike with the new advertising campaign stating, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” This advertisement has become one of the most talked about and controversial statements the brand has come out with yet. Nike took a huge risk hoping their target audience sales would improve.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has reached record high likes on Instagram after his advertisement deal with Nike and is now the second-most liked post behind the soccer World Cup campaign. Kaepernick was chosen for the Nike campaign after he kneeled during the National Anthem to show his support against racism and police brutality.

The commercial aired in the third quarter of the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles football game and had Twitter buzzing moments after. The reactions from this campaign ranged from idolizing to burning possessions. No matter what anyone’s stand is on this matter, it is safe to say it has been brought to America’s attention and took the internet by storm which had everyone talking about it.

Danny Gladwell stated, “although I agree with Colin’s protest against police brutality, I do not feel like his unsuccessful football career was as big as a sacrifice compared to the men and women that give their lives to our country.” Gladwell is a former Chattahoochee football player and believes that society should leave politics aside during a football game.

On the other hand, a few students expressed strong support for Nike and Kaepernick.. Sydney Hillman, a senior at Chattahoochee, is for the advertisement. “It shows inclusiveness and unity. Nike is taking their stand on a popular topic.” Her morals are strong and she stands for it even though it could be an unpopular opinion. She was aware that people were boycotting Nike and felt they had their right to, just as Kaepernick had the right to kneel during the National Anthem.

Clearly, a large group of citizens feel the need for change in the United States. It has created a huge divide in everyday life and has made football more political than any other sport. Nike did take a huge risk with Colin Kaepernick because so many people disliked him but they wanted to send a message to the younger generation of the picture they want to embody.