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Black & White Ball– Prom Review 2017

CarolineTomczak, Seniors Editor

The day we have all been waiting for, April 22, has finally arrived: the day of prom. This year Chattahoochee’s prom was at Ventanas, an event space, which is on top of the Hilton in downtown Atlanta.

The venue has large endless windows surrounding the dance floor and an outdoor patio with lounge chairs to take in the incredible view of Atlanta. Saying the views were incredible, is an understatement; everywhere you looked you could see some iconic landmark of Atlanta: The Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coke, Centennial Olympic Park, The CNN Center and the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The theme of the dance was quite timeless, “The Black and White Ball.” This classic, chic theme captured the venue perfectly. Since the view at Ventanas was basically what people tended to focus on, the decorations were very simple. The music, however, was not as great.  There was not as large of a variety of songs played by the DJ compared to last year and only one main group could actually get into the music. Even though there wasn’t a large variety in the music played, everyone still had a great time dancing on the dance floor surrounded by their closest friends.

Next to the dance floor was a photobooth, a bar for refreshments and an outdoor patio for people who were taking a break from dancing. The outdoor patio was really nice since there wasn’t one last year; it was great to just sit down and take a break from dancing to just really hangout with your friends while being surrounded by a gorgeous view.

Overall, I would say that prom 2017 was a success. As a Senior, and graduating in less than a month, it was a great last prom and an experience that I will remember for a lifetime.


The Future for the Falcons

CarolineTomczak, Seniors Editor

January 22, 2017 was one of the best days for almost every person living in Atlanta. This is the day the Atlanta Falcons made history by winning the NFC championship for the first time since 1998, and could finally say that they are headed to the Super Bowl. The Falcons ride to the Super Bowl not only brought the team closer together, but the city of Atlanta. After the Falcons won the National Football Conference, Atlanta was flooded with fans decked out in Falcons gear.

The anticipation we all had leading up to February 5, 2017, the day of the Super Bowl LI was finally over. Thousands of Falcons fans gathered around the TV with family and friends to see their favorite team dominate the game– for the first half.  Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse in the fourth quarter. Once the clock hit 0:00, heartbreak set into thousands of Atlanta Falcons fans, leaving many in shock and in tears.

Even after several weeks after the Super Bowl game, every sports and news networks continued to remind us of the horror of the game and what the future holds for the Atlanta Falcons. However, many fans have an optimistic view for the future of the team. Marissa Klee (SR) is one of the biggest falcon’s fan; ever since she was a baby, her and her family would go to almost all of the Falcon games at the Georgia Dome. She traveled to Houston to the Super Bowl to watch her favorite team and has some thoughts about the outcome of the game that happened right before her eyes, “While the recent events were heart crushing, I am confident that the falcons have the capability to recover. Most of our core team is returning and although we suffered some losses on the coaching staff, I completely blame some of the departing coaches on the loss. But of course this is the Falcons we are talking about and they will get your hopes up, and then repeatedly crush your soul.”

Despite the devastating loss for the Falcons during the Super Bowl, many fans believe that the Super Bowl is a learning experience and that the Falcons have a bright future ahead of them, just like the saying “you win some, you lose some.”


Advice to Freshmen: How to have the best four years ever

CarolineTomczak, Seniors Editor

Dear Freshmen,

With only a little more than a semester left until May 26th, the day we all have been waiting for since freshman year is finally just around the corner. With the anticipation leading up to May, it is inevitable to look back at the great (and the not-so-great) memories of our four-year journey of high school. While I look back and remember the awkward experiences throughout high school, like not knowing where my classes are; and the great experiences, such as Friday night lights, I want to show the class of 2020 how to make the most out of your four short years at Chattahoochee.

  1. Always give 110%.

No matter what the challenge is, whether it’s getting an “A” in AP Bio or making the varsity sports team: always, always give it your all. This really comes into play right now for seniors, during the nerve racking application process and opening your letter from your dream school and seeing the words “congratulations” or “unfortunately.” You don’t want to have any regrets like, “Oh, if only I tried harder.”

  1. Be yourself.

When I was a freshman, I would always worry about what others would think, which is not the best idea. Don’t worry about whether or not you have the latest clothes or the new iPhone, just be yourself. I promise you more people will like you just for being you.

  1. Try to attend all school events.

This one is important. You are only in high school once– after high school you won’t  have the opportunity to be able to go to football games every Friday with all of your closest friends. Many seniors haven’t been to most of the school events, and really wish that they took advantage of this great opportunity earlier throughout their freshman and sophomore year. Marissa Klee (SR), stated that her favorite memory from Friday night football games, “This past year, was really the first year that I went to all of the football games and I enjoyed every second of them; I wish I would’ve went to more of them earlier throughout high school.”

  1. Be kind to all the people you meet along the way.

Yeah, I totally agree group projects are not always the best; you are assigned to work with a random group with people that you barely know, which may seem like a horrible idea. However, even though you may not be fond of a person at first, always be kind, you never know they could end up being one of your best friends.  

  1. Take risks.

If one of your goals in high school is to play on a varsity sport but you think that you won’t make the team, try out anyway. If you really like a girl and want to ask her to prom or homecoming but you’re not sure if she will say “yes,” ask her anyway. You never know the outcome until you try.

  1. It’s okay to be the “nerd”, and if you’re not that’s perfectly okay too.
  2. Have fun, but not too much fun.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, I may sound just like your mom. Yes, but your mom is right; it is important to have the time of your life in high school and make the most out of every moment, just make sure that you are still on track for reaching all of your goals.

  1. Set goals.

Before going into freshman year, I made a list of goals that I wanted to meet by the time I graduate high school. This is a great way to be successful and it’s great to look back and see what you have accomplished.

Before you know it, it’s senior year and you’re applying to colleges, planning for the next four years of your life. These past four years have flown by and it’s important to make the most of every moment.

Sincerely, the class of 2017.

The New Trend: Friendsgiving

CarolineTomczak, Seniors Editor

All fans of the TV show Friends remember the iconic Thanksgiving episodes, aka “Friendsgiving”. You know the one where Monica and Joey get their heads stuck inside turkeys, such a classic. The episodes revolve around the idea of friends being together rather than the traditional family on Thanksgiving. Friends in the ’90s , was one of the first of many shows that depicted Thanksgiving day celebrated in a non traditional way.

Nowadays, Friendsgiving is the new trend among many different millennial friend groups. Many friend groups get together not on actual Thanksgiving day, but during the week before. Friendsgiving mimics the typical Thanksgiving meal, with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn and all of the other possible sides you can think of. If you scroll through a millennial’s Instagram feed you’ll find a dozen of posts regarding this new trend. On the general Snapchat story this past week, one of the featured stories showed friend groups around the country having dinner parties. Last year Olivia Erickson (JR) and her friend group had their own Friendsgiving, “The day after Thanksgiving we all gathered at my house and we had a second Thanksgiving sharing laughs and eating leftovers from the night before.”

Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and spend one day out of your hectic schedule every year to devote all of your attention to family. However, this year there is double the love by spending one day with your family and one day with your close friends. So rest up for a week full of two rounds of turkey!


Chattahoochee Merit Scholars

CarolineTomczak, Senior Section Editor

Recently 100 students in the North Fulton area have qualified for the 2017 National Merit Semifinalists. This is a very rewarding opportunity for all of these students, who will have the chance to compete for 7,500 Merit Scholarship Awards worth about $33 million. Several students from Chattahoochee are Semifinalists for a chance to receive the National Merit Scholarship which will go toward their college tuition and expenses.

To be chosen for the the Semifinals students must be one of the 50,000 top PSAT scorers within the nation and have the highest PSAT scores within their state. For example, for the state of Georgia, on the old PSAT a student must have made a score of a 1218 or higher. However, to be a finalist for this scholarship the student should not only have outstanding PSAT test scores but also an outstanding academic record and several leadership positions. The students who will receive scholarships will be announced later this year in the spring.

Chattahoochee is second in the county for the Semifinalist nominations with twenty-three students and Northview is first with thirty-two students. Several TAG students from Chattahoochee have been nominated this year; Ms. Pair from the TAG department stated, “It is very rewarding to see that multiple TAG students are semifinalists. My goal is to have even more students be nominated in the future.” Many of the students from Chattahoochee are honored to be able to have the opportunity for possible scholarships and grants towards their college tuition. Pallavi Kenkare (SR) is “very excited to be a semifinalist this year and can’t wait to see the results in the spring.”

This is a very exciting opportunity for the semifinalists from Chattahoochee, and we wish them the best of luck in the spring!

CHS Swim & Dive: new season, with an even bigger splash!

CarolineTomczak, Senior Section Editor

There are many exciting changes for this year’s Chattahoochee Swim & Dive season, including new coaches, new captains and new swimmers. With these changes, the team has everything it needs to practice harder and ultimately win the state meet in February.

This year the team is welcoming Coach Paris, the new assistant coach; he will be coaching alongside Coach Loula, the head coach. Paris has 16 years of coaching experience with Shiloh High School and with a neighborhood swim team. While coaching at Shiloh High School he also received an award for most positive coach in Gwinnett from Positive Athlete Georgia. From these experiences, Paris realized that he could have a future excelling in this profession He enjoys helping kids find their passion and love for the great sport of swimming just as much as he did when he swam.

Before he was a coach, Paris was a strong competitive swimmer. He was on the Kennesaw State University club swim team and Chattahoochee Gold club team. Coach Paris is excited to join the Chattahoochee Swim & Dive team because it is a more competitive team than the previous team he coached for. One of his goals for this season is that he “would like to go again with the team this year as well, and help swimmers break their records,” since the swim team in the past were perennial state contributors. Along with Coach Paris, new team captain Lindsy Wood (SR) is really excited for this upcoming season and “what the team has in store for this year.”

The Chattahoochee Swim & Dive team is excited for their upcoming season with Coach Paris!

(A) lot of (P)ressure



Staff Reporters

Summer is approaching, but the tests that determine whether or not you pass or fail are withheld until the very last day of school. Forget packing, planning or even looking forward to your summer vacation because finals week takes priority. In order to survive, there are certain tips you must follow.

Your self-worth in life is not measured by the people you influence, or the goals you achieve. No, your worth is measured entirely by the score that you receive on your AP Chemistry exam. Only getting three hours of sleep a night because of studying? This is crunch time; sleep is for the weak. Mental stability is out of the question because the time spent eating, sleeping, and even breathing is time better spent studying. Struggling to stay awake? Twelve cups of coffee a night and an endless supply of 5-hour-energy usually helps to solve this problem. And don’t worry, uncontrollable shaking after cup number seven is expected.

Read the textbook front to back, highlighting everything that seems important. Of course, everything is probably important, so go ahead and highlight the whole thing. At least it makes it look better. Run through that stack of 426 flash cards over and over, for you wouldn’t want to forget a vocabulary term. Don’t be scared when you see the sun rising again before you’ve gone to sleep that night. Your best work can only be achieved after 48 hours straight of preparation; the brain does its best work when sleep deprived.

The exams will be over soon, probably because you’ll fall asleep between sections. They will be over, though, and you should smile as your hand cramps for the next 3 weeks and your brain becomes useless after days of cramming. It is common for people to suppress bad memories; however, don’t forget what you’ve just tested on: you’ll need to understand the makeup of organic compounds in the future.

And, finally, when that day in July arrives, the one that reveals your score and inevitably determines your future. This is a very important time. It’s the moment you find out whether your all-nighters have paid off, keep a box of tissues handy–you’ll probably need them. You finally see your score listed on your computer screen, you see that you received a four on your AP World History exam and not a five.

It may seem like your world is over, but don’t worry; it may or may not affect your chance of getting into your dream school–but it probably will.