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End of School Splash

The school year is coming to an end. Finals are almost here; seniors have decided that school is irrelevant and everyone is planning what they are doing for the rest of the summer. But one thought lingers in the back of everyone’s mind…how are they going to spend the last day of the school year. In case maybe you have no idea what you could do to celebrate the technical first day of summer, this article might help you in coming up with some ideas. First thing first is the most basic of all, at least in my neighborhood. Two words…water fight! The last day of school everyone gets off the bus or out of their car and suddenly are bombarded with water balloons and squirt guns. By the end of the first hour, we are drenched and completely oblivious to the inch of water in our shoes. As you get older, it becomes a little lame to be with a bunch of middle school kids on the last day of school so I got a few other selections for you. When talking to Josh Selby he said on the last day of school “I usually hang out with my friends and we’ll go to the Georgia mill and just swim and eat lunch, I guess this year I’ll be at graduation so it might be different. This year I’ll most likely spend the last day of school at a graduation party”. Senior year is a different game and even the end isn’t the end because even after you’ve finished classes you still have pre-graduation, graduation, and all the parties that follow. But for those of you non-seniors I still have some kick-butt suggestions. “On the last day of school my family always goes to the neighborhood pool party. There are BBQ and so many fun games that they set up” (Emily Jones). However, at the end of the day, it’s the last day of school and no matter what you do make sure you spend it with your family and friends because you only get a limited amount of last days of school.


Freshman 15, More Like Freshman 50

Cookout- Here’s the thing, Cookout is possibly the best thing since sliced bread. If you are a broke college student, this is one of the best places for you. Why you ask? Because of the $5 Cookout Tray. This tray consists of one entrée aka burger, two sides, and your choice of drink. It’s an extra dollar for a fancy shake, but it’s well worth the splurge. The serving sizes are a bit on the smaller size, but whose complaining when it costs five dollars. Little suggestion on my end…get the cheer wine!

Wendy’s- Hold the phone because things just got interesting. Wendy’s changed the game a couple years ago by introducing college students to a little something called the 4 for $4 meal. What does this include you ask? Well this godly deal gives you a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, four all white-meat chicken nuggets, small fries and a drink. Ask any college student and I guarantee they are obsessed with this deal. Also if you want to mix it up a little I would highly suggest spending a little extra money on a frosty and dipping your fries. And for those of you who aren’t about to have such a plain meal, you can head to the Right Price Right Size Menu. There they have cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, nuggets, salads, chicken wraps, frosty’s, tea and lemonade. All-in-all no human college student can resist a Wendy’s.

Sonic- My last money saving fast food restaurant is none other than Sonic. During the afternoon Sonic has what they call “Happy Hour”. From 2:00pm-4:00pm enjoy half off drinks, teas and slushes. You can also grab your choice of corndogs, mozzarella sticks, onion rings and tots for just $0.99. Not to mention the Late Night Happy Hour that goes on after 8:00pm. This includes half off on all shakes at the Sonic Drive-In after eight. Sonic also constantly has new deals, the most current being Sonic Tuesday Special. Starting May 1, 2017 every Tuesday from 5:00pm-close all single-patty cheeseburgers are half price. My final deal that makes me fixated on Sonic is their $3 Breakfast Before 10am. You can get a breakfast burrito and a cup of Green Mountain Coffee or a fountain drink for $3. Not only that but it’s guaranteed to be ready for you in two minutes. What more could you ask for?

Buffalo Wild Wings- Let’s be real, I’m crazy about fast food. Sadly, I can’t write down every single restaurant that I would visit on the weekly. This is one of my favorites though. So why do I love Buffalo Wild Wings so much you ask? One thing…WINGS! Who doesn’t like some buffalo wings late at night? Plus, not trying to be the girl to tell you that cheap food is the best food, but ½ Price Wing Tuesday is an existing thing. For those wing haters, they also have salads, burgers, wraps and a little something called Buffalo Loaded Tots. They also have some of the most interesting drinks like any Red Bull you can think of, blueberry mint lemonade, black cherry limeade and something they call ginger lemonade. This place has it all and there isn’t a lot I need to tell you to convince you that this should be your new craving.

Panda Express- Buckle your seatbelts because you are about to be cultured. Sure, Panda Express isn’t exactly “real” Chinese food, but it’s as close to being Chinese as Taco Bell is to being Mexican. I’m not even in college yet and I already go to Panda Express on the weekly. They have plates and bowls for food. A plate consists of two entrees and your choice of side and a bowl has one entrée and one side. And let me tell you right now, just looking at the menu online makes me crave some orange chicken and tea. Panda Express literally goes all out with the Chinese theme. They have milk tea, fruit tea and lemonade tea (isn’t that just lemonade). I for one think it’s great to prep college students for what their twenties’ dinner will be like because I guarantee you’re going to want to get use to yummy take out now. Plus, this is like ramen that tastes good and you can never go wrong with that.

Running From the Field to the Couch

CaseySabath Staff Reporter

You wake up one day and it’s over. No more 6 a.m practices, and no more staying late at the gym, and no more conditioning workouts three times a week. So what happens now?

The next day you hear the 7th period bell ring and instead of going to the locker rooms, you head to the bus canopy and head home at 3:30p.m. For once in your life you have absolutely nothing to do so you sit on your couch. You stay still for at least 10 minutes before you turn on the tv and actually accept that you have nothing else to do today. So that’s all you do…sit and watch tv shows for hours on end. By the end of the first week of not being swarmed with practices and games you realize you have time for homework so you end up actually doing your homework and for a little while your grades improve. You’re also no longer having to eat healthy so you finally discover fast food and realize what you’ve been missing out on. The first couple of months you’re still eating the same amount of food as you did when you were exercising so you don’t realize anything is off. Within those months you lose at least 10 lbs of weight and are wondering if not being active is the real way to lose weight. You’re wrong. All your muscle is disappearing and once it’s all gone you’re stuck with the inevitable fate caused by eating bad and not working out. Within three months you start to realize that maybe you need to go to the gym; so you begin your two month gym craze during the summer. This includes going to the gym everyday and maybe starting a food cleanse. Summer ends and you no longer have time for the gym everyday. But it’s senior year and you’re going to support the teams. “Maybe I should have played”, that question will roam through your head quite often. By the time the season is over you’re going to have a small bit of lingering regret. Maybe you’ll get over the regret, I haven’t yet. However, I do have those days when I’m swarmed with work and I’ll stop for a second and realize that if I was still doing my sport I wouldn’t have had time to finish my work, or to go hiking with friends spontaneously. You come to terms with it.


CaseySabath Staff Reporter

You get into your college and put down the deposit. What’s next?

Well, finally knowing your college is so exciting. I know the first thing I did was sign up for all the “Class of ‘21” groups on Facebook. From those I got into sorority groups, and that was where I started my search. It’s weird, I’ve never checked my Instagram or my messages more than now. I would have all my friends scroll through my Instagram feed to check that nothing seems too off about me. I suddenly had to have funny captions and frequent posts, and I was giving my number and a description of myself to over a hundred people. Not only that but I found myself searching through dozens of possible roommates and going through their instagram and Facebook feeds. Not to mention the occasional accidental double click on something they posted three years ago. It’s embarrassing having to look through all their social media, but you have to do it. I would rather be thorough than end up with a roommate I have nothing in common with. We’ve all heard those horror stories and I refuse to have one of my own.

Next, all those people you followed start following you back. And soon you start getting texts late at night by random girls saying who they are and how they were creeping on you and noticed that you’re similar. Then both of us are stuck in the awkward conversation of “what are your likes and dislikes?”. I thought I was doing terrible at this awkward little dance until it was an hour into the conversation and we’re talking about watching Grey’s Anatomy while eating queso in the dorms next year. Then it’s finding out that you have mutual friends and next thing you know you’re going to have Chipotle with three different girls throughout the week and you don’t have the heart to say you don’t like Chipotle. I’m currently at the point where I’ve met some of these girls in person and my friends and family have all approved or disapproved of them.

Don’t ask me how to tell someone you don’t want to be roommates. I haven’t quite gotten to that part and I figured it would be a mutual decision. But all in all finding the perfect roommate is like finding the perfect boy…near impossible. It’s literally the same exact process as dating and I find that incredibly odd. Then again, you are finding a stranger to not only be you’re friend but also to live with you after only meeting a few times. I’m still finding the one but when a pre-law major makes you a powerpoint on why you should be roommates it’s hard to argue that. We’ll see, I still have a month or so until I have to know.


Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and LSU are just some of the schools in the SEC. It’s just a handful of schools, but if you go to one, there’s nothing better.

Going to an SEC school, no matter which one, is going to be big on one thing. That’s right…GREEK LIFE. To some people it’s considered “paying for friends,” but at an SEC school it’s a way of life. Going Greek definitely has its benefits: from philanthropy, making lasting friendships and business connections to experiencing the true magic of college. But before all these perks there is some work that goes into joining. As seniors in high school we think about our colleges, but while some of us have yet to decide, others are contemplating what sorority they want and the steps to get there. Future LSU student, Caroline McCullars (SR), stated that “the whole process is time-consuming, and you definitely have to know someone who knows someone to be able to get in a good sorority. The process involves getting recommendations from former sorority members and letters of approval from girl’s who were in your (chapter in the array of sororities at the specific school). At the same time you have to be researching all the sororities. Their philanthropy, sorority colors and the kind of people that are in each one.” It’s a gruesome process, but at the end of the day it’s all worth the preparation because Saturday tailgates wouldn’t be the same kind of experience.

Speaking of tailgates, a little known fact about going to an SEC school….it’s ALWAYS football season. “Not going to lie growing up an LSU football fan may have swayed my decision. But when you’re going to an SEC school, you can’t help but become a diehard fan of the sport,” mentioned Caroline McCullars. Becoming a fan includes believing in all the superstitions, dressing in your team’s colors and memorizing all the cheers and chants for those Saturday nights after the game when you find yourself at Waffle House with a herd of people screaming in victory.

For those who don’t know, like myself prior to uncovering what goes into becoming a student at these schools, SEC stands for Southeastern Conference. Also known as southern football, so you can only assume that there is southern charm everywhere. Future attendee, Caroline McCullars commented, “I grew up with southern charm, my whole family is from Louisiana so I guess I’m use to it all, but even I’m amazed when I visit the LSU campus. The buildings, people and food are just filled with it.” These elite schools aren’t just for watching sports though; they  provide some of the best education in the U.S. Southern-style cooking, a great education and a community that anyone can be a part of. This is just a little taste of why the SEC way is the best way.

Untalented And Ungifted

CaseySabath- Staff Reporter

TAG. It stands for Talented And Gifted, if the name doesn’t scream arrogance in itself then the concept will definitely show it. The program starts recruiting in elementary school. They select young kids with good standardized test scores; these kids have their future set for them at as young as 5 years old. Back when I was in elementary school it wasn’t as big of a deal, but now it means everything. The program means success and a shot at a decent college. It’s an unjust system, and it needs to be stopped, or at least altered. Lately the world has had a negative view on irrelevant  topics. From gluten at bake sales to saying “no” to a child, there is just so much sensitivity and emphasize on the small problems. With such detail to all these problems it comes as a surprise that no one has complained about the system.

So what exactly does this infamous TAG test consist of? It is made up of two parts, the standardized test and the creativity portion. But it’s a little peculiar that they grab the good standardized testers and not the students that show above average creativity. Especially considering that half the test it solely based on abstract and creative thinking. So what happens to the others that aren’t even given the chance to test, and how does that actually affect their education? It actually plays a huge role in the classes you take and the education that you are able to receive. TAG prepares its participants with the knowledge they need to learn at a more advanced pace than the average student. Not only that but once students hit middle school they are separated into two groups. One for the on-level students, and an exclusive set of classes for TAG kids. This is an unfair system because in their middle school classes they are learning high school classes, which definitely plays a role in your education. This being because in high school you have the opportunity to take the higher-level classes even as an average student, but most of the time your class will consist of TAG students. But if you are one of the bold students like me who decide to make the extra effort, you’ll be able to understand how the program really benefits the kids. One thing I remember was struggling in chemistry class while everyone else thrived. In middle school they were taught the subject to an extent and therefore were able to breeze through it. They learned this in a middle school class that I had no ability to join. Maths and sciences were where they really thrived, and where I was the weakest. I don’t know if that was coincidence, a natural sign of their superior intelligence, or simply an unfair advantage that they had.

Being in the TAG program aides you in your education far beyond high school though. Senior year, if you are and active TAG student they hand select internships based off of the career they wish to pursue. This means these students are able to build connections as early as twelfth grade. Meanwhile, on-level student have to search for their own internships which they aren’t even allowed to call internships. They are called work-based-learning programs.

The whole matter truly irritates me and makes me hope for a better and more fair future. Yes, I agree with some of the program, but excluding students who have never even been tested, that’s where I draw the line. TAG isn’t a system in which I think should exist and if this generation can’t see the injustice it serves, than I’m unsure if we’ll ever more forward in our education.

The Clownpocalypse

CaseySabathStaff Reporter

The clown sighting of 2016 the strange reports that began in August and enthralled the south throughout the past three months have been growing past the spectacle it once was. What was once a viral spook among the masses now has escalated into a hunt for safety and answers as to why these clowns are appearing. College students are either too afraid to walk outside or are on the hunt for these clowns, while parents of children are holding their breath. So what is the relevance of clowns and why does someone with a rubber nose and floppy feet send chills down the backs of the south?

On August 1, 2016 the first report was made in Greenville County, S.C. A young boy claimed to hear “whispering” and “making strange noises” at around 8:30 p.m. From there reports began rolling in, and the police were not clowning around. Children and parents all throughout South Carolina were reporting very similar stories, but still no evidence. Claims that men in white face paint and blinking red noses were stalking nearby children. Not only that, children were being lured into the woods with money and candy. With no knowledge of a circus nearby and Halloween a month away the sightings have many curious and frightened.

Shortly after the sightings began in South Carolina the clowns were found roaming the campuses of many colleges. With at least twenty-eight states claiming to have seen these clowns they have officially become a viral phenomenon that must come to a halt. Along with the widespread clown epidemic, videos have surfaced. One of the first being from two girls located in Oglethorpe, Georgia. The snapchat video shows a clown in broad daylight chasing the girls, allegedly with a knife in hand. A local middle school around Oglethorpe was put on soft lockdown due to the sighting of the clown.

In Athens, GA an 11-year-old was arrested for bringing a knife to school for protection from the rampaging clowns. But are these bozos bogus? Many of the reports have been less than authentic and concerning to many who are keeping up with this circus act.  Two friends in Georgia, mid-twenties, called the police making false clown reports. The men who said they spotted a clown in a white van were some of the few arrested earlier on in the clown sightings. Since then many more have been arrested, including the supposed “ringleader”.

In Alabama, the police in Flomaton believe their arrest of Mikayla Smith has put a stop on the Clownpocalypse. Smith and her clown posse have been said to have swarmed from Pensacola, Florida and threatened a local school. She is currently being charged with a terrorist threat, which seems a little less than fitting for a clown. Even with the recent arrest of Mikayla Smith the clown reign of terror continues.

On October 2, a video on Facebook appeared; there has been much debate over the authenticity of it all.The video was filmed at around 7:30 a.m when two college students were on a morning run. The two spotted a clown on a bridge and walked towards it questioning the clown on its’ motives. The concerning part…the two were chased away, and the clown was gaining on them when the video cut. Other videos much like that have emerged, a local clown sighting was taped in Westburry a neighborhood in Georgia. The video shows a clown walking throughout the neighborhood staring into the houses.

The south is becoming a circus of its own with the clowns suddenly on the loose. And with Halloween around the corner this clown epidemic has become more than just a joke.