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Quick and easy Christmas gifts



KimaraSmith, Staff Reporter

With the holidays right around the corner, people are scrambling to find gifts for friends and family without breaking their budget. Gift shopping for the special people in your life sounds easy, but as years go by it becomes more and more difficult to find the perfect gift.

The advancement of technology makes it even more challenging to find a meaningful gift that your friends and family do not already have. Handmade and personal gifts help to solve this problem. Alyssa Kolls(SR) shared that “the gifts that my friends appreciate the most are the ones that I take time to pick out and that remind me of them the most.”

The most simple gift can be one of the most meaningful. For example, your friends that are not into material items would most appreciate a small plant or homemade recipe. Kehisha Johnson(SR) expressed “I usually like to make jars containing ingredients of cookies in them. It has sugar, flour and chocolate chips along with a few other ingredients and a small instruction set.” This is a creative and easy gift for the holiday season that your friends can enjoy. Friends and family appreciate the thought and effort behind the gift rather than how much money is spent on it.

Taking the time to notice what those close to you admire is what truly makes a gift perfect. Numerous stores have small items before the checkout that are perfect for holiday gifts. The prices are affordable and can also make great stocking stuffers. Stores such as Target have dollar bath bombs and Bath and Body Works sell one dollar candles. These are reasonably priced gifts that make holiday shopping much easier to tackle.


How To: Decide which College to Attend

GraceSassaman, Staff Reporter

With the college acceptances rolling in, everyone’s stress has shifted from whether they’ll be accepted to not knowing which college to attend. This is a huge deal; it will shape your entire future! These simple tips can help you decide which college is the best fit for you:

  1. Looks mean everything: Don’t go to a college like Clemson if you know orange and purple are unflattering on you. The clashing of the bright orange and deep purple just don’t look good on anyone. Choose a college whose colors are a little bit more subtle, so you’ll look great at every football game and spirit event.
  2. Consider the campus atmosphere: We all know what college is really for: responsibilities, independence and parties. You don’t need to choose a school based on prestige; choose the best party school. A combination of prestige and partying can help you have your best possible college experience. As they say, work hard, play harder.
  3. Stay with your friends: College is really just high school 2.0. Follow your friends that you don’t really like but conveniently remain friends with.
  4. Flip a coin: Sometimes, it’s not worth weighing the pros and cons of your top prospective colleges. Just flip a coin and let fate decide.
  5. Follow your boyfriend: High school love always lasts! You don’t want to risk losing the love of your life by enduring a long-distance relationship in college. Hopefully you’ll be accepted into the same colleges as your boyfriend because your only hope of staying together is by having matching schedules.
  6. Distance: Finally free yourself from your parents and choose the farthest college from your home.
  7. Money: Go to an expensive school so that you can be surrounded by other rich people. No one wants to admit it, but it’s nice to have rich friends.
  8. Follow your heart: In the end, any college town will have a large population on Tinder, where you can spend your free time searching for true love. Wherever you decide to go, you can make your college experience whatever you want.

One Last Glance at “The Dome”

RithikDoddla, Staff Reporter

The historic and revolutionary Georgia Dome saw its final day on Monday Nov. 20,  2017, as it was imploded to be replaced by a park next to the new Mercedes Benz Stadium. Throughout its 25 years, the dome served primarily as the home of the Atlanta Falcons, but still hosted thousands of other events as well. When the dome was built in 1992, the Atlanta Falcons immediately gained national attention, as it was the largest covered stadium at that time. The Georgia Dome hosted many historic events, and it is still the only facility in the world to host the Olympics, Super Bowl and Final Four.

After playing at the now-demolished Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium from 1966 to 1991, the Atlanta Falcons were thrilled to move to the Georgia Dome. There, the Falcons had 10 winning seasons and reached the playoffs 9 times. The dome even hosted the 2013 National Football League NFC Championship game where the Falcons were defeated by the San Francisco 49ers 28 to 24. But just this January, it hosted another conference championship game where Atlanta defeated the Green Bay Packers 44 to 21 to advance to the Super Bowl. It was the last NFL game held in the stadium and the city closed it in a winning fashion.

Aside from the Atlanta Falcons’ games, the Georgia Dome also housed two Super Bowls. In 1994, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVIII. In arguably one of the greatest championship games ever, Super Bowl XXXIV was held there in 2000 when Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kevin Dyson was tackled one yard short of the endzone to give the St. Louis Rams the trophy.

One of the most iconic moments in US Olympic history took place at the Georgia Dome in 1996 whenKerri Strug nailed her second vault with broken ligaments in her ankle to give the US Women’s Gymnastics team their first ever gold medal. The men’s and women’s basketball teams both won gold medals here as well.

The stadium also hosted three NCAA men’s Final Four tournaments in 2002, 2007 and 2013 with Maryland, Florida and Louisville winning those respectively. Currently, the city wants to build a park in its place to commemorate and honor the stadium. Even though the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the first of its kind with advanced technology and architecture, the Georgia Dome will have a special place in the city’s heart. It will always be a place where millions of great memories were made.

The Evolution of Holidays

MatthewKohn, News/Sports Editor

Remember the times of waking up and racing down the stairs to see gifts piled up under a tree or running home from school to see eight perfectly wrapped presents laid out in the family room? Whatever holiday you may celebrate, these winter holiday traditions were easily the most exciting times of the year. But, ten plus years later, it is a totally different game. While the holiday season is still exciting, there are a number of new responsibilities that come with this magical time of the year.

The most stressful responsibility is the process of buying gifts for others. Whether it is for a parent, sibling or just a friend, no one ever tells you what they actually want. That leaves you scrambling, likely at the last minute, trying to find a perfect gift that won’t be regifted a year from now.

On the other side of things, receiving gifts may also not be as exciting now as it was when you were a kid. Forget the times of flipping out over a bicycle or a new doll house. Now gifts likely consist of clothes, an occasional electronic gift or just some good old-fashioned cash.

Don’t get me wrong, though, the holiday season is still definitely the best time of the year. The break from school is a great enough gift in itself. It also gives you an excuse to request something that you can’t afford or just wouldn’t buy for yourself. And finally, as high school students, we find that spending time with family and close friends is actually better than getting that perfect gift.

Behind the Scenes of Mr.Bennett

TaisFerreira, Staff Writer

As students at Chattahoochee High School, most of us know Mr. Bennett, our very own AP Statistics and PreCalculus teacher. However, what we do not know is that Mr. Bennett is not any ordinary teacher. Bennett is the lead singer and harmonica player of the band Honest Leroy.

Honest Leroy has played together for about 10 years now. The name of the band originated from one of the members’ former band in college, which was called the same name. When interviewed, Bennett stated that he met his band members through their kids’ friendships in their neighborhood.

Bennett first started his musical career during his childhood. As a child, he sang with his church choir and played the violin up until 9th grade when he switched to chorus because he “enjoyed singing more.” Throughout high school, he took part in the school musicals and the show choir, which only expanded his love for singing. Bennett continued his singing career in college and graduate school by participating in large choirs.

While Mr. Bennett sings and plays the harmonica for certain songs, the other members play guitar and the mandolin. The band does not compose their own songs, but they’ll cover songs from pretty much any era. However, when the band first starting playing together, one of the members attempted to teach him how to play guitar but it figured to be too difficult and Bennett “just stuck to singing.” Honest Leroy does not perform in public too often, usually sticking to friends’ parties and neighborhood gatherings. When they do perform in public, however, they play at local restaurants like Adobo Taqueria and Tequila Bar and Abbott’s Grill.

As students, we should strive to support our teachers not only in the classroom but also outside of school, including supporting our teachers and spreading encouragement that recognizes their many talents, like our own Mr. Bennetts singing career!

How To Finesse Admin

HannahKornegay, Features Editor

The life of a student is tricky. On top of this, you are constantly being forced to awake at the most obnoxious time of day to confront obnoxiously loud teachers and solve tedious problems that arguably won’t supplement your college major in any way. Administration does nothing to lighten the load by setting arbitrary rules that only pertain to a certain type of student. In no way does this article condone rule breaking, but weren’t rules meant to be broken in the first place?


Leaving School: As advocates of the “Closed Campus” policy, administration doesn’t take lightly to the idea of students constantly leaving and returning to campus within the course of a school day. Unfortunately, the idea of leaving for a college class or an online class off campus looks the exact same as leaving to get lunch. If you must leave, leave right after the bell and don’t come back until the bell for the next period has already rung.


Parking Passes: If you leave campus for lunch or any other salacious activity, it’s a matter of time before your parking pass is revoked. These are the threats  with which the school controls our lives and it makes sense that they wield them with an iron fist. If you find yourself without a parking pass and in need of a ride, there are an abundance of neighborhoods in the surrounding area and housewives who would love the extra cash and the gossip that housing a fugitive car would bring. A year long parking pass is $90, and I’m sure you could barter lawn work or babysitting services in exchange for a place to park.


Preying on Their Weaknesses: Everyone has a weakness, and while Administration should be regarded as robots, there are a few human-like emotions that can be preyed upon. While some administrators prey on crying and catching you in a web of lies, most enjoy contrition. After the thrill of catching a student and torturing them with all the possibilities of punishment has worn off, the admission of guilt could shave a few weeks off your in-school suspension.


Snitch: Sometimes it feels like school and prison are set up the same way – both students and inmates are subject to routine searches and really bad food, so the discrepancies are hard to spot. When caught in between the acrylic fingernails of the strictest administrator, sell your soul…and the freedom of your friends.


Dress Code: Always break dress code blatantly and without remorse.

Breaking the Walls- A Social Experiment

KehishaJohnson, Staff Reporter

I recently conducted an experiment in which I studied the effects of human interaction with Chattahoochee students. I predicted that if vulnerability is exposed, a relationship between two people can become even stronger than it initially was. This social experiment is called “breaking the walls” because I wanted to study the effects of candidness in human relationships. Although honesty is a prevalent quality in many relationships, candidness is not. Candidness is a person’s willingness to be sincere and forthright, thus resulting in exposure that is often unwanted and avoided. This reluctance symbolizes a guard, or in this case, a wall that many have been using to shield their emotions for long periods of time. In this experiment, students made an attempt to break this wall, and take a chance at being vulnerable for the first time.

I strategically chose people who had strong relationships with their partners. In this case, I interviewed two brothers, two different pairs of sisters, and two couples. Each pair played what I called a “card interview game,” where each partner would take turns pulling a card, and asking  the question that was on their card. The questions on each card ranged from less personal to more personal. For example, one card from the stack asked “If I was an animal, which animal would I be, and why?”  The last four cards were the most personal and exposed vulnerability. For example, the last question asked “If I were to die tomorrow, what is one thing you would want me to know today?” Hearing the responses from the pairs I interviewed were different for every relationship. However, one thing that remained the same, was that their vulnerability and candidness with each other strengthened their connection.

“What is one thing you like about me, that I don’t like about myself?”

This question was given to all couples, and conjured different responses and reactions. Jackie (FR) and Jonah (FR) have been dating for eight months. Many of the questions they asked each other often resulted in laughter, and snickers, as they recalled memories from the beginning of their relationship. It wasn’t until Jackie asked her boyfriend, Jonah the question above, that her vulnerability began to show. Jonah responded with “Your ears. I know you hate them, but I love your ears.” Jackie quickly covered them with her hair and said “No, they’re so big!” They both laughed, but Jackie began to see how her partner admired the qualities that she was insecure about, and gradually became more comfortable during the card game. Cam (JR) and Ireland (JR) have been dating for ten months. When Ireland asked Cam the same question, he responded with “your looks. I know you don’t believe me when I say that but I think you’re really, really pretty.” What was interesting, was that not only did Ireland respond by blushing, but Cam’s candidness caused his face to turn bright red. By observing Ireland’s body language, Cam responded with slight embarrassment.

“What is one thing about me that you would never want me to change?”

Brothers, Adrian (SR) and Gabi (SO) surprised me with several of their responses, especially to this question. Whereas Adrian seemed to be more outgoing and extroverted, Gabi was definitely more reserved during the interview. However, when Adrian asked his brother this question, Gabi responded, “your enthusiasm. You definitely make everybody’s day a little bit brighter.” By Gabi acknowledging and appreciating his brother’s differences, Adrian was more responsive during the interview. Sisters Jackie (FR) and Jennifer (SR) also revealed true signs of vulnerability when this question was asked. When Jennifer asked her younger sister this question, a tear fell from Jackie’s eyes. “How independent you are,” she responded. Not many words were exchanged, but both Jackie and Jennifer knew their few words were valuable and honest. This was a special moment that was shared between them, because they realized how deep their connection really was.

“I learned more about you than I ever had,” Cam told his girlfriend, Ireland. “I used to have this mask where I hid my confidence, but when I am with you I feel like I don’t have to hide.” As Jennifer wiped the tears away from Jackie’s eyes she said “I enjoy your company. That’s why I always want you home.” From laughter, to sorrow, to happy tears, the pairs of different relationships revealed that vulnerability did not have to be hidden. In fact, telling their partner how they really felt made them realize how valuable they were in their eyes. The message I wanted to convey during my social experiment was that truth and candidness deepens relationships over time. By letting your partner know how you feel, the other person gains a better appreciation for why you feel this way, and how much they mean to you. It starts by breaking down the wall, and revealing what’s really behind it — you, and nothing else.