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Conservatism in Gen-Z

EthanBenn, Staff Reporter

Generation Z will be the most conservative age group in America since the Baby Boomers, just you wait! The Democrats better watch out – these kids are fiscally responsible and less progressive than Gen X and Millennials!  

Odds are you’ve probably heard something like that in a headline before, or maybe even that exact phrasing. When the media turns its focus from Millennials ruining things, it tends to land on their successors being their political opposites. And so comes the question, how conservative – or liberal – is our generation? With the help of The Speculator team, the results for the CHS student body’s political views are in.

The methodology was fairly simple: have students self-identify their political views by clicking terms which described them and then asking them to vote for a 2016 presidential candidate. Follow that up with an actual test to get some hard data, and the results should speak for themselves. Of sixteen students surveyed, seven identified as “liberal,” six as “moderate,” five as progressive as well as five as Democratic, two for centrist and two for libertarian. No students self identified as conservative or Republican, and with sixteen possible checks for each term, liberal and moderate were by far in the lead. The test, known as “8values,” asked students to strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree (or say they were unsure) to questions about economic, diplomatic, civil and societal questions. Liberal and Social Liberal were once again the most common results.

Even though the sample size for the survey was quite small, the respondents’ results were not surprising and probably represent the beliefs of CHS students in general. However, it is interesting to note that many of them identified as moderates – if Gen-Z is liberal or left-leaning, then it’s certainly not as partisan or hardline as their older Millennial or Gen-X counterparts.

And that’s what so many news outlets and commentators are seizing on when they shout about this generation being the next wave of ultra-conservatives so Republican it would make Ronald Reagan smile: they’re just not as solidly Democratic as their parents or older siblings. Going back to the survey again, fifteen of the sixteen students responded to the question about the 2016 presidential election, with Hillary Clinton getting seven votes (46.7%), Donald Trump, Jill Stein, and Joe Biden all receiving two votes each (13.3% per candidate), Bernie Sanders receiving one vote (6.7%) and one student undecided. These results can be interpreted various ways, but I see it as a younger generation rebelling against ineffective political parties and status quo politics – while Clinton had a plurality in this mock election, she lacked a majority due to spoiler candidates (and if you consider Trump, Stein and Sanders outsider candidates, it’s easy to see why).

Judging from these results, perhaps the name should be changed from the Post Millennial generation to the No Business as Usual Generation. Mostly born into a post-9/11 world, having experienced financial crises, domestic terrorism and dramatic social change, this generation is anything but resigned to the usual norms of politics. Look at Emma Gonzales and David Hogg from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, as two no-nonsense go-getters tired with a system which doesn’t work.

This generation isn’t so much blue or red as every political party’s color under the sun – the Republicans and Democrats aren’t going to be able to fully control, or appease, this new generation of soon-to-be voters.


Aaron Feis: A Local Hero

BrettGreenberg, Staff Reporter

Feb. 14, 2018: A day that will go down in history. At approximately 2:21 p.m EST, Nikolas Cruz opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. During the shooting, beloved offensive line football coach and school resource officer, Aaron Feis, risked his life for the safety of the students and threw himself in front of the bullets sprayed out by Cruz.

Coach Aaron Feis was a figure in the whole Douglas County community, always putting others before himself and assuring he was someone that could be depended on for anything whether that be the safety of students, being the resource officer or getting his players to be successful on the football field and help them pursue their dreams of playing college football and taking the next step athletically. Local school spokeswoman, Denise Lehtio, remarked, “He died the same way he lived he put himself second. He was a very kind soul, a very nice man. He died a hero.”

Feis’s impact was felt outside of the school as well. In a interview two days after this shooting, Chief Sherriff Scott Israel stated that he, “knew [Aaron Feis] personally, coached with him for 2 years and [Scott’s] kid played for him.” Feis has been around this community for as long as anyone can remember, graduating from Douglas High School in 1999 and coming full circle to return  and coach the football team from 2002 to 2018.

Aaron Feis is a man that will live in the hearts of all the students, parents, staff and first responders for the rest of their lives.


RIP Aaron Feis 1980-2018:

A local hero, dedicated worker, caring coach and a man of incredible character.


“Man of the Woods?” Stay in the Woods.

GraceSassaman, Staff Reporter

Justin Timberlake recently released an album for the first time in five years, entitled “Man of the Woods.” Fans have been patiently awaiting this release because of Timberlake’s fame for originality, shown by his earliest hits such as “Cry Me a River” and “Rock Your Body.” These have followed him throughout his career, allowing him to maintain a reputation of individuality.

His new album approaches music in a different way, as he segues from solely pop production and reverts back to his more Southern and natural roots. The album cover art is a graphic design edit of Timberlake wearing a jeans and flannel combo and segmented ripped picture of him in a classy black suit.

Timberlake didn’t sing the album all by himself, though; two of the featured songs, “Morning Light” and “Say Something” feature the pop singer Alicia Keys and country star Chris Stapleton, respectively. Another song, “Young Man,” features the cooing of his toddler, which has been a heart-warming hit among fans as Timberlake offers some fatherly advice and encouragement to his son and admires his wife’s ability to be a loving mother. So far, the biggest hit from the new album is titled “Filthy,” which incorporates his usual pop style.

However, not everyone is pleased with Timberlake’s release. Some claim that he’s overreaching to find a new style which is causing him to look like a poser. Tais Ferreira (SR) says, “This album sucks.” Perhaps Timberlake has maxed out in his success because his older releases were just too good!

Nadia Dowlatkhah (SR) joked, “Justin Timberlake has only been camping once.” Some fans think it’s cheesy for a multimillionaire superstar to claim an earthy lifestyle when he’s truly living lavishly. Others say that this album is another mindless release. Timberlake has been accused in the past of using others for individual profit, so there is a collection of people who are hesitant to nosedive into his work until his motives are fully understood.

Still, his songs are a hit among others. The feature “Flannel” is an acoustic hymn about his love for soft plaid shirts.

Ultimately, though, Timberlake’s release will be hugely successful and he will make millions off of it. Instead of producing his album with the electronic vision of pop music, Justin Timberlake’s album, “Man of the Woods” relies on the sounds and genres of funk, country, soul and even gospel.

How to Recognize a Hypebeast

RithikDoddla, Staff Reporter

From sneakerheads to resellers, the term “hypebeast” has taken the world by storm. Hypebeast is a term used to describe people who wear only “hyped up” or popular fashion for attention. These people ensure they are wearing high-end brands at all times. This new trend of fashion has also provoked great “hype” to brands which were unknown a few years ago. For example, brands such as Supreme, Bathing Ape, and Off-White were almost unheard of until recently. So, how do you know for sure what a hypebeast is? Here are four signs of a hypebeast:


  • No Resale, No “Cop”


Hypebeasts do not buy anything which cannot be flipped. Reselling is a vast part of the hypebeast culture and allows the buyer to purchase more clothes. The idea is for people to purchase hypebeast clothing for a decent price and sell it for more to make a profit. Over time, hypebeasts will have too many clothes, shoes and accessories which they will wear for a while and then sell for a revenue. Reselling is recognized as an art where people will spend hours to see what they can buy to maximize profits.


  • Branded Items Only


Hypebeasts only buy popular brands’ merchandise and which has been posted about on the internet. Anything which is not of a fashionable brand is a strict no. They will even wear ugly, low-quality clothing just because it is made by a trendy brand. This has let brands, like Supreme, compete with top-notch designer brands, like Gucci, even though the product-quality is significantly lower. In other words, brand name is supreme to all.


  • Dress to Impress


Hypebeasts embellish themselves with hype brands primarily to stand out and impress others. Whether it be to school, the grocery store or the mall, hypebeasts desire to outperform others and be the best-dressed wherever they go. Their inspiration primarily comes from celebrities who wear these now-popular brands. For example, Supreme’s sales have skyrocketed ever since figures like Kanye West and Odell Beckham Jr. have been spotted wearing the brand’s clothes.


  • Wardrobe or Museum?


Hypebeasts do not just wear clothes, they collect them. The word “deadstock,” meaning brand new and unworn, is often used to describe the merchandise they compile. They take extreme measures just to prevent a few creases and wrinkles. For example, some plastic wrap their shoes with a special gun to make sure no creases form on the shoes and others will get special boxes to see their items without touching them.

Quick and easy Christmas gifts



KimaraSmith, Staff Reporter

With the holidays right around the corner, people are scrambling to find gifts for friends and family without breaking their budget. Gift shopping for the special people in your life sounds easy, but as years go by it becomes more and more difficult to find the perfect gift.

The advancement of technology makes it even more challenging to find a meaningful gift that your friends and family do not already have. Handmade and personal gifts help to solve this problem. Alyssa Kolls(SR) shared that “the gifts that my friends appreciate the most are the ones that I take time to pick out and that remind me of them the most.”

The most simple gift can be one of the most meaningful. For example, your friends that are not into material items would most appreciate a small plant or homemade recipe. Kehisha Johnson(SR) expressed “I usually like to make jars containing ingredients of cookies in them. It has sugar, flour and chocolate chips along with a few other ingredients and a small instruction set.” This is a creative and easy gift for the holiday season that your friends can enjoy. Friends and family appreciate the thought and effort behind the gift rather than how much money is spent on it.

Taking the time to notice what those close to you admire is what truly makes a gift perfect. Numerous stores have small items before the checkout that are perfect for holiday gifts. The prices are affordable and can also make great stocking stuffers. Stores such as Target have dollar bath bombs and Bath and Body Works sell one dollar candles. These are reasonably priced gifts that make holiday shopping much easier to tackle.

How To: Decide which College to Attend

GraceSassaman, Staff Reporter

With the college acceptances rolling in, everyone’s stress has shifted from whether they’ll be accepted to not knowing which college to attend. This is a huge deal; it will shape your entire future! These simple tips can help you decide which college is the best fit for you:

  1. Looks mean everything: Don’t go to a college like Clemson if you know orange and purple are unflattering on you. The clashing of the bright orange and deep purple just don’t look good on anyone. Choose a college whose colors are a little bit more subtle, so you’ll look great at every football game and spirit event.
  2. Consider the campus atmosphere: We all know what college is really for: responsibilities, independence and parties. You don’t need to choose a school based on prestige; choose the best party school. A combination of prestige and partying can help you have your best possible college experience. As they say, work hard, play harder.
  3. Stay with your friends: College is really just high school 2.0. Follow your friends that you don’t really like but conveniently remain friends with.
  4. Flip a coin: Sometimes, it’s not worth weighing the pros and cons of your top prospective colleges. Just flip a coin and let fate decide.
  5. Follow your boyfriend: High school love always lasts! You don’t want to risk losing the love of your life by enduring a long-distance relationship in college. Hopefully you’ll be accepted into the same colleges as your boyfriend because your only hope of staying together is by having matching schedules.
  6. Distance: Finally free yourself from your parents and choose the farthest college from your home.
  7. Money: Go to an expensive school so that you can be surrounded by other rich people. No one wants to admit it, but it’s nice to have rich friends.
  8. Follow your heart: In the end, any college town will have a large population on Tinder, where you can spend your free time searching for true love. Wherever you decide to go, you can make your college experience whatever you want.

One Last Glance at “The Dome”

RithikDoddla, Staff Reporter

The historic and revolutionary Georgia Dome saw its final day on Monday Nov. 20,  2017, as it was imploded to be replaced by a park next to the new Mercedes Benz Stadium. Throughout its 25 years, the dome served primarily as the home of the Atlanta Falcons, but still hosted thousands of other events as well. When the dome was built in 1992, the Atlanta Falcons immediately gained national attention, as it was the largest covered stadium at that time. The Georgia Dome hosted many historic events, and it is still the only facility in the world to host the Olympics, Super Bowl and Final Four.

After playing at the now-demolished Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium from 1966 to 1991, the Atlanta Falcons were thrilled to move to the Georgia Dome. There, the Falcons had 10 winning seasons and reached the playoffs 9 times. The dome even hosted the 2013 National Football League NFC Championship game where the Falcons were defeated by the San Francisco 49ers 28 to 24. But just this January, it hosted another conference championship game where Atlanta defeated the Green Bay Packers 44 to 21 to advance to the Super Bowl. It was the last NFL game held in the stadium and the city closed it in a winning fashion.

Aside from the Atlanta Falcons’ games, the Georgia Dome also housed two Super Bowls. In 1994, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVIII. In arguably one of the greatest championship games ever, Super Bowl XXXIV was held there in 2000 when Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kevin Dyson was tackled one yard short of the endzone to give the St. Louis Rams the trophy.

One of the most iconic moments in US Olympic history took place at the Georgia Dome in 1996 whenKerri Strug nailed her second vault with broken ligaments in her ankle to give the US Women’s Gymnastics team their first ever gold medal. The men’s and women’s basketball teams both won gold medals here as well.

The stadium also hosted three NCAA men’s Final Four tournaments in 2002, 2007 and 2013 with Maryland, Florida and Louisville winning those respectively. Currently, the city wants to build a park in its place to commemorate and honor the stadium. Even though the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the first of its kind with advanced technology and architecture, the Georgia Dome will have a special place in the city’s heart. It will always be a place where millions of great memories were made.