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Corporations Taking Initiative

BrendanHuet, Staff Reporter

       On Feb. 14, 2018, there was another mass shooting that occurred in Parkland, Florida. Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old, walked into Stoneman Douglas High School with an AR-15 and killed 17 innocent children. This event created backlash on the weak gun control laws in the United States. It also led to some companies banning their sales of assault rifles or changing their rules for buying a gun in their stores. The two most popular stores that are involved in these changes are Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart.

        Dick’s Sporting Goods is a store that sells all sports equipment, athletic clothing and outdoors essentials. A big portion of their profit came from the sales of all guns, including assault rifles. In fact, although it was not the gun used in the Parkland shooting, Dick’s had previously sold an assault rifle to Nikolas Cruz. This resulted in the company being one of the first major stores to enact a change in their sales of assault rifles. Just a few days after Cruz attacked Stoneman Douglas High School, Dick’s ended all sales of assault rifles in its stores. The company also revised their policies so that a person would have to be at least 21 years of age to buy any other gun from Dick’s. The CEO, Edward Stack, realizes the financial consequences of this move but feels it is the right thing to do.,  “We concluded if these kids are brave enough to organized and do what they’re doing, we should be brave enough to take this stand.”

        Walmart, the nation’s biggest gun seller, also has taken action after the Parkland shooting. The company announced that its stores would no longer sell any gun to anyone younger than 21 years of age. Walmart will also no longer sell items resembling assault rifles, including toy and airsoft guns. This will result in a significant loss in profit, but the company is not worried about it. As the nation’s biggest gun seller, it is “seriously our obligation to be a responsible seller of firearms.” Walmart is confident that this is the type of change that our country needs.

        The Parkland shooting has brought awareness to the American eye and has caused big corporations to take a stand on gun regulations. This is seen in the fact that the nation’s two largest gun sellers have restricted their sales of guns. Dick’s Sporting Goods will no longer sell assault rifles in its stores and will not sell to anyone under the age of 21. Walmart has also taken precautionary measures and will not sell any gun to anyone under 21. These changes will result in a loss of money for both companies, but in return will help our country stay safe from any more mass shootings.




The Con Man: A Commentary on “Dirty Money”

OliviaErickson, Editor-in-Chief

In January of 2018, Netflix released a documentary miniseries, or docuseries, created by Alex Gibney called “Dirty Money.” The docuseries consists of six episodes that peered into famous scandals and corruption within the business world. Although the series covers all genres of incidences, from a car company that cheated emissions tests to the story behind Canada’s maple syrup heist, its final episode was a comprehensive exposé of the President of the United States, how he got elected and his shady past.

As a left-leaning politically active young adult, I was dumbfounded on the morning of Nov. 9, 2016. “The polls were wrong! Make America Great Again!” abounded from my Republican friends’ mouths. Meanwhile, I was completely confused about how the American people, or at least the electoral college, selected a shady businessman with no political background to run the country. Although I have now accepted that fate, after watching the documentary, I also have a much better understanding of why he was elected.  The documentary episode on Trump and his scruples, or lack thereof, provides a unique and comprehensive explanation of how Trump actually got elected. The director of the final episode, Fisher Stevens, posits that the current U.S. President is in fact nothing more than a modern day con man; he profits by exploiting his name to the detriment of the general public and commands an unfailing awareness of the media.

The episode features members of the formerly popular NBC show “The Apprentice” explaining how the show was nothing more than a ruse. Although the documentary may be a little biased, it is informative and entertaining.

Hooch’s Response to Parkland Shooting

RithikDoddla, Staff Reporter

On Feb. 14, the United States stood in disbelief and mourned what took place in a Florida High School. A heartless 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz entered a peaceful Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and shot innocent high schoolers taking the lives of 17 victims. This had not been the first time that innocent students’ lives have been taken as the Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech and Columbine shootings took many lives as well. But this massacre was different. Communities, especially high schoolers, are voicing their opinions and fighting for change to prevent another similar shooting from happening. Chattahoochee High School has decided to make a few changes to ensure safety of its students as well.

Teachers are now told to keep their doors closed and locked from the outside during class. This is to help prevent an unauthorized person who has entered the building from entering the classroom. Though teachers are complaining about the hassle of having to open the door for a student trying to enter during class, the new rule is appropriate because it helps keep the students safe during class. There is also a new police officer who is patrolling the campus and hallways during school hours.

Though the main entrances by the atrium will still be unlocked, all other entrances except the ones in the cougar lair are now locked during the school day. This is because the school wants to limit the number of entry points for an intruder to enter through. Students have been complaining how they cannot enter the school from the doors by the bus canopy, but they understand that the school is taking these actions to ensure student safety.

Chattahoochee continued to prioritize safety as they asked students to congregate in the gym rather than outside during the walkout on Mar. 14. There, students were around teachers, the police officers and locked doors. Administration felt it would be dangerous for a mass of kids to be outside on school campus where any infiltrator could effortlessly come. Though not many other schools pursued stringent safety rules, Hooch was not influenced because actions to any extent would be taken to protect students.

While students and teachers continue to adjust to the new changes, they all understand that administration is prioritizing safety over anything else. No one wants the Hooch community to be victims to be victims of a massacre and these drastic modifications are being to done to keep the school safe.


After NRA Policy Change, Delta’s Tax Cuts Crash and Burn

EthanBenn, Staff Reporter

In the wake of the tragic shooting in Parkland, Fla., Delta Airlines began to reconsider its relationship with the National Rifle Association of America (as have other companies in various sectors). Ultimately, Delta “rescinded a one-time group travel discount for the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting, and asked the organization to remove [their] name and logo from their website.” This prompted Republicans in the Georgia General Assembly to pull a tax exemption for jet fuel directed towards the airline.  

Compared to fiery condemnations from elected officials, student protesters and celebrities, Delta’s handling of its relationship with the NRA could be described as being less dramatic. In fact, the rescinding of the discount came as part of a renewed push to “remain neutral” and stay away from such a divisive issue like gun control – Delta CEO Ed Bastian voiced that “we are supporters of the 2nd Amendment, just as we embrace the entire Constitution of the United States.” While it appears that Delta intends to refrain from taking either side in this debate, Casey Cagle, the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, was quick to retaliate.

“I will kill any tax legislation that benefits @Delta unless the company changes its position and fully reinstates its relationship with @NRA. Corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back,” Cagle tweeted soon after Delta announced its new policy toward the NRA and its members. Because Cagle holds an incredibly important position in the Georgia legislature, his statement was of particular importance – without Cagle’s approval, the tax cut for fuel aimed at Delta would be doomed to fail.

As Republicans scrambled to strip the provision that would have given the airline millions of dollars, the public and other state officials were quick to comment on Cagle’s tweet, accusing him of extortion and offering Delta the chance to relocate its headquarters out of Atlanta. “@Delta, if Georgia politicians disagree with your stand against gun violence, we invite you to move your headquarters to New York,” tweeted the Democratic governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo was not the only governor to make such a plea though it is unlikely that Delta would move away from its base at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

Delta declined to shift its operations to another state, and the Georgia General Assembly moved to strike the $50 million dollar exemption for jet fuel from a larger tax bill, following up on Cagle’s threat. The Republican-led Senate voted for the new version of the exemptions, and the Republican House overwhelmingly agreed to approve the jet fuel free version after having already voted for the original bill.

Though Governor Nathan Deal (R) signed the exemptions into law, he stressed the importance of “Southern Hospitality” in how Georgia deals with private companies, as well as cautioning against poorly thought out policies and political maneuvering. Several Democratic representatives raised points that companies such as Amazon might avoid Georgia in the wake of this decision, further stressing the importance of this issue.  

Louisville Exposed

JaydenChin, Staff Reporter

As a number one overall seed in the 2013 NCAA Tournament, the University of Louisville Men’s basketball team was ready to win it all. After overcoming a gruesome injury to their star player Kevin Ware. The team went on to defeat Duke in the Elite Eight and the talented Wichita State team in the Final Four. On April 8, 2013, the Louisville Cardinals were set to play Michigan in the NCAA Championship. With renowned Head Coach Rick Pitino, Louisville beat Michigan 82-76 despite several lead changes and a stunning 17-point, first-half performance by sophomore Spike Albrecht who replaced star point guard Trey Burke who had picked up two early fouls.

The hard work and dedication this Louisville team put forth in their efforts to win it all will sadly go to waste as the team was informed on June 17, 2017, that they must vacate their National Championship and Final Four appearances in the wake of a sex scandal. After an NCAA investigation, it was found that a member of Louisville’s coaching staff had hired prostitutes and strippers for current players and potential recruits. On Feb. 20, 2018, the decision was upheld, and they officially vacated their glorious National Championship win as well as 123 wins between the 2012 and 2015 seasons. Further Investigations also discovered that an Adidas Executive conspired to pay $100,000 to the family of 2017 recruit Brian Bowen under the terms that he plays for Louisville and later represents Adidas when he goes pro.

After 16 years, Rick Pitino is out as Louisville’s Head Coach and the future of the team is uncertain. The 2018 NCAA Tournament is rolling around and Louisville didn’t make the cut. Will the team be able to rebuild and be a contender once again?

The Roots of Racist Stereotypes


Minorities being elected into political office does not solve racism in the US Government. This argument is beyond facile. A black president isn’t proof that racism has ended. The fact remains that the use of offensive racial terms such as “Negro” and “Oriental” in US federal law was only banned last year. This rhetoric perpetuates racism because they aren’t just used in “old” laws. Racial slurs and stereotypes against black people have real impacts. It goes beyond hurt feelings and unease. These slurs and stereotypes are used to keep black people in their place. Racial “slurs” against white people like “Cracker” also originate from slavery. The difference is that white people were the masters in charge that cracked the whip. Frankly, joking about food and spices (or lack thereof) doesn’t regularly affect the everyday lives of white people. Black people, on the other hand, face incarceration, police brutality, poverty, and housing and job discrimination at levels white people don’t face at the same scale.

Team Pitt Forever: A Tribute to Coach Pitt

CarolineKurzawa, Staff Reporter

In the process of writing this tribute, I interviewed family members, coaches, friends and members of the Chattahoochee wrestling team. When I asked people to reminisce about Coach Pitt, I was met with the same message- how much time do you have? I’m afraid I’ll never have enough time to describe his wide reaching impact and heart of gold, but I’ll try my hardest.

Courageous. Kind. Compassionate. Father. Coach. Teacher. These and many more are some of the words that can be used to describe Coach Pitt. A man with unrelenting bravery, a heart full of love and a body full of humor, Adam Pitt wrestled with cancer until the bitter end. On January 8, 2018, the match ended, and a beloved member of the Hooch Family left us with full hearts and years of memories to cherish.

Losing Coach Pitt feels more like the loss of a family member rather than that of a coach or teacher because he was the true embodiment of the mantra Hooch Family. Not only that, but the idea of Team Pitt brought many people together. The idea for Team Pitt came quickly after his diagnosis. “We knew we had to rally the troops and help the family,” said Coach Hicks, a fellow wrestling coach and friend of Adam Pitt’s. Team Pitt came to mean great courage, determination and a life well lived. The impact of Team Pitt was clearly evident at Coach Pitt’s funeral. “[There were] 1000 seats at North Point, and there were people standing. That’s a testament to how many people he impacted,” explained Coach Cavanaugh, a Chattahoochee High School wrestling coach.

First and foremost, Adam Pitt was a loving father to his three children, all former or present Chattahoochee students: Kyle, Jordan and Erin Pitt (SR), and a husband to his wife, Dana. When asked if there was anything special she and her dad used to do together, Erin shared, “when Jordan would practice wrestling, he would take me to the Discovery Mall, and we would play putt putt and get smoothies. We did that a lot.” Adam Pitt was well known for his sense of humor and famous dad jokes. “Whenever he would leave somewhere, instead of saying ‘hasta la vista,’ he would say ‘pasta vino,’” Erin elaborated on his humorous antics. Adam Pitt was a family man through and through. Erin shared how incredibly supportive and loving he was, and how he never failed to show how proud he was of her and her brothers. She knew he was always in her corner. He was the warm and loving father every child needs.

In addition to his passion for fatherhood, he had a passion for athletics, particularly wrestling, which he helped pass down through his years of coaching. Before becoming a Chattahoochee wrestling coach, he coached his children’s soccer and lacrosse teams. “He was always a coach. Born a coach,” Erin shared. According to Coach Hicks, Coach Pitt was the wrestling head coach for about six years. During his career, Coach Pitt helped young men reach their potential as athletes while also sharing wisdom. Fisher Gabrels (SR), a member of the wrestling team, shared, “he was the first coach who brought me aside and started teaching me not just about wrestling, but about life.” “Coach Pitt is forever in our hearts and will stick with us every day. Every day we should all aim to be a little more like Coach Pitt by never giving up and always finding the humor in the situation,” shared Noah Latzsch (SR), a Chattahoochee wrestler. “The wrestling program was family” to Coach Pitt, added Coach Hicks about Coach Pitt’s devotion to the Chattahoochee wrestling team.

Adam Pitt was not only a father, friend and coach, but also a teacher. He taught in the social studies department for close to twenty years and helped many students meet their academic goals in his class. Hicks shared, “in class, if a kid was struggling, he would do whatever he could [to help them to succeed].” Coach Hicks explained that a unique feature to each fantasy league Coach Pitt joined was that each team was named ‘Kuala Lumpur,’ the capital of Malaysia, a factoid he made sure everyone knew.

In the wake of his passing, many people are remembering the gravity of his impact as a teacher and coach. In his honor, the wrestling room was named ‘The Pitt,’ so the team may always remember him and his perspectives on life and coaching. Coach Hicks shared the impact Coach Pitt made upon his life, by saying, “he wanted everyone around him to be at their best. He wanted to have a good time, and he wanted to make sure everybody around him had that same experience.” Perhaps his greatest coaching motto could be summed up as, “we’re going to work hard, but we’re going to have fun,” continued Hicks.

Additionally, Coach Pitt never let his illness define him. He never lost faith. Coach Hicks explained, “he never stopped fighting, and [his family] never lost their enthusiasm for life.” Even during the most trying parts of his battle with cancer, Coach Pitt still wanted to have an active role in the wrestling team and to “be around people,” said Coach Hicks. “He didn’t want people to feel sorry for him,” continued Hicks. Noah Latzsch remarked, “his moving way to always find the light at the end of the darkest tunnels was one of the everlasting impacts he made on me.” Moving forward, “we’ll always use him as an example of how to live,” explained Hicks. Senior member of the wrestling team, Fisher Gabrels, remarked that “[the wrestling team will] remember him and be strong. We’ll do our absolute best for him.”

Losing someone like Coach Pitt is felt deep in the heart and soul. He contributed so much to Chattahoochee as a coach and teacher and to his family as a husband and father. While his life was cut short, it left us with a message that shall be carried on long after his death- Team Pitt forever.