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Senior Spots: Heather Law

JaydenChin, Staff Reporter

Heather Law is a unique, dedicated student who has been recognized with a number of great achievements during her time at Chattahoochee. She has not only demonstrated excellence in academics but also in debate where she holds the honorable position of Officer.

Which one of your extracurriculars do you take the most pride in?

I take the most pride in being the founder and President of the National Chinese Honors Society, which I have spent countless hours on running the group with some of my closest friends. I am also the Vice President of the World Language Club and the Brain Bee Club, which I take great honor in as well.

How have you managed to balance your extracurriculars with your school, academic life?

I always make it a priority to get ahead every time I get the chance. The courses I take could be described as difficult but none of it is new to me. My commitment to debate and my clubs gives me the motivation I need to be the best I can be in all of my courses.

What would you say is your most prestigious accomplishment during high school?

Honestly, everything I have done was to get accepted into my dream school. I recently decided to attend New York University and study International Business at the campus in Shanghai, China.

What inspired you to make this choice?

I have always seen the world as so big. I’ve gotten the opportunity to travel to a number of international countries and developed a passion for the many diverse cultures our planet holds.


Senior Spots: Carlos Castillo

JaydenChin, Staff Reporter

Carlos Castillo has shown that he is one of Chattahoochee’s finest. He is a committed member of our marching band and indoor drumline. He also holds an active role in his participation in Beta Club, Physics Club and Science Olympiad.

What extracurriculars are you currently involved in?

I am in the Hooch marching band and indoor drumline and have been invested in it for the past few years. I’ve competed in many competitions and would have never met some of my best friends if it wasn’t for the band.

How do you find the time to manage both your school life and extracurriculars?

I’ve always been a structured person. I made sure to get all of my work done as soon as I could in order to maintain both my academic and extracurricular stature. Priorities are important to have and I’ve known for some time now what mine are.

What is your most prestigious accomplishment in High School?

I was one of the only two students to get accepted into MIT. I was accepted early into Georgia Tech and I am still waiting to hear from Stanford but I will most likely study Mechanical Engineering at MIT next fall.

What inspires you to pursue this career?

I grew a passion for mechanical engineering during my time in the class here at hooch, and now I have the opportunity to study it in the best program in the country.