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Hooch Soccer Final Four

BrettGreenberg, Staff Reporter

Chattahoochee topped Alpharetta to head to their second straight state championship on Tuesday, May 8 by a score of 2-1 in overtime.

This match was full of ups and downs but Chattahoochee prevailed in the end thanks to Senior Chris Spaid’s late game heroics scoring with 2:38 left on the clock during the 2nd half of overtime. Hooch has dealt with adversity all season and had to do it once again when the team’s starting goalie, Senior Jerrico Trujillo, was taken out due to a concussion. Third string goalie, Sophomore Joe Johnson, played well and the defense, once again, took control in the final minutes of regulation and in overtime. This team has shown a great sense of pride and perseverance the entire year and hope to make that final step and cement themselves in the Chattahoochee High School history books. 

With the 2-1 overtime win, Hooch will head to McEachern on Saturday May 12th at 2:30 for the 6-A GHSA State Championship game vs region rival Cambridge, who they fell to earlier in the season, 3-1.


Comeback $eason

JaydenChin, Staff Reporter

Johnny Manziel made his football debut in 2012 when he was a redshirt freshman Quarterback for Texas A&M. During the team’s first year in the Southeastern Conference, Manziel broke numerous FBS and SEC records. He made himself known by being the first freshman in NCAA football history to be awarded the Heisman Trophy after passing for over 3,000 yards and rushing for over 1,000 yards that season.

 In 2014, Manziel was disappointingly drafted 22nd overall to the floundering Cleveland Browns. Despite having a few good games, he struggled with consistency. But Manziel’s numerous off-field controversies are what led to his release at the end of his second season with the Browns. Sure, he had problems on the field, but proper coaching could have developed his mechanics into that of a solid dual-threat quarterback. Partying was his problem. He had been known to enjoy himself quite often during his time in college and everyone expected him to be the same when he went pro. When he was demoted to third string quarterback behind Brian Hoyer and Austin Davis, a video surfaced of him partying in Texas over that same bye week. His own teammates deemed his performance a joke. His work ethic and commitment were just not that of an elite, franchise quarterback.

Manziel’s NFL career seemed to be over for good. His presence, though,persisted as he was constantly seen hanging out with A-list celebrities and athletes. Many saw a comeback in the near future but he never confirmed or denied. After almost two years of wondering if Johnny “Football’ or “Money” Manziel would ever live up to his nicknames it finally seems that he will. In 2017 he completed a substance abuse program and got engaged to his model girlfriend. Manziel announced his attempt at an NFL comeback on social media with an exciting video of him completing drills on the field in great shape. He also stated that he was in talks with a CFL team but never reached an agreement. Instead, Manziel joined the NFL’s Spring development league and also led Texas A&M’s pro day where he dazzled scouts and coaches with his impressive improvement. As Manziel has stated on multiple tweets and Instagram posts, “it’s comeback season.”


Why the Braves are Underrated

MatthewKohn, Sports/News Editor

Coming into the the 2018 MLB season, many experts and millions of fans across the nation wrote off the Braves as one of the league’s worst teams that would be lucky to amass as many wins as they had last year, when they went 70-92. Another reason people have come to this conclusion is because new general manager, Alex Anthopoulus, who took over after John Coppolella was banned for life over the winter, has been stingy with the Braves’ money.

While it is true that the Braves are among the league’s lowest spenders, they also proudly boast one, if not the best farm systems in all of baseball. With talent that spans across multiple minor team leagues, starting with single-A in Rome, all the way up to triple-A in Gwinnett, the Braves are loaded with young talent. Easily, the most exciting and highly anticipated prospect that the Braves have is 20-year-old Ronald Acuña. Acuña is an outfielder, who quickly rose from single-A all the way to triple-A in just one season last year and is already being tabbed as one of the top candidates for NL Rookie of the Year. Acuña was recently called up and already launched a mammoth home run in just his second game ever. Since then, Acuña already has amassed six extra-base hits, setting a new Braves franchise record for most the most extra-base hits through a player’s first six career games. While Acuña is arguably MLB’s top prospect, the Braves are also loaded with other young talent, like pitcher Mike Soroka, who recently made his debut in a win against the Mets, and outfielder Christian Pache. The only downfall is that some of these players will not be ready to play this year, but the future certainly looks bright for the young Braves.

The Braves are surely set for the future, but this year will not be completely lost. So far in the season, the Braves have already started off better than anyone thought owning a winning record and playing exciting baseball. Second basemen Ozzie Albies, who got called up near the end of last season, has already inserted himself as a local star with dazzling defensive plays and a high number of extra base hits, made possible with his elite speed and surprising power. Freddie Freeman is a perennial MVP candidate when healthy; Dansby Swanson is finally living up to his name as the former number one overall pick, and the rest of the position players have also exceeded expectations batting the ball. As a team the Braves are currently first in hits in the National League with 286, and only behind the red-hot Red Sox for the lead in the entire league. The starting rotation has also been impressive as Julio Teheran has already delivered a couple quality starts, and Brandon McCarthy has become a pleasant surprise. Finally, with Acuña’s arrival suspected to be sometime in the imminent future, the Braves 2018 season will surely be a successful one.

Choosing Which NHL Team to Root For

MatthewKohn, Sports/News Editor

With the Stanley Cup Playoffs underway, many sports fans in Atlanta have not been able to get into the tournament without having a bonafide team to root for. With over 16 teams in the first round of the playoffs, the task can seem daunting, but with the number down to just eight in the second round, the choice can be made easier.

The first team that an Atlanta fan can root for is the Nashville Predators, my personal favorite. The Preds are close enough to Atlanta to have many of their games televised in this area, allowing fans to watch them more often than any other team in the NHL. The team also has one of the most exciting players in the entire league in P.K. Subban. Subban is one of the best defenceman, and his off-ice antics make him a fun player to follow. After beating the Avalanche in the first round, the Predators are set to matchup against the Winnipeg Jets in the second round.

If you’re a die-hard Atlanta fan, The Winnipeg Jets may be the team for you. The Jets are the only team to actually have ties to Atlanta. After some bad ownership decisions, the Atlanta Thrashers were forced to Winnipeg and became known as the Jets.

Easily, the most feel-good story in the NHL would be the Las Vegas Golden Knights. For the fans wanting to witness history in the making, the Golden Knights are the team to root for. The Knights are an expansion team that in it’s inaugural season posted a 51-24 record placing them first in the Pacific Division. Winning the Stanley Cup Playoffs would be the first time in the modern-era where an expansion team wins a championship in their first year of existence. First, the Golden Knights will have to beat the San Jose Sharks in the second round.

The final team that I would recommend rooting for is the Washington Capitals. While the Capitals are a powerhouse during the regular season, consistently reaching the playoffs, they always seem to choke in the playoffs. Since the new millenium, the Capitals have never made it past the second round in the playoffs. While Some call it a curse and some call it collapsing under pressure, the Caps are definitely a team that could be considered an underdog in the playoffs. A matchup against the two-time defending champions, Pittsburgh Penguins, will certainly make it difficult for the Capitals to progress past the second round.

While watching the NHL playoffs can be fun even without a team to root for, that excitement can be greatly increased when you have a team to back. Hopefully learning a little about some of the teams can help you make the decision on which team’s bandwagon to jump onto.


Hooch Track and Field Dominating Yet Another Year

RithikDoddla, Staff Reporter

In recent years, Chattahoochee’s track and field team has been one of the best in the region. This year was not an exception, as the Cougars looked lethal once again. Led by multiple elite athletes, the unit dominated in multiple events and even set some school records.

One of the highlights of the season was the 4×800 team, composed of  Jacob Gil (JR), Tyler Fallon (JR), Kyle Coleman (JR) and Lucas Dagnat (JR) breaking the school record with a time of 8:10.94. Gil described the group as “some of the hardest working people on the team” and that they knew they “had the capability of breaking the record.” All of them had proven themselves as  athletes individually so they knew the entire team together could accomplish great things. This relay lineup will be looking to sweep competitions in future.

Kevin Yang (SO) had raised great hype around himself after his stunning freshman campaign where he qualified for State in his freshman year. Once again he shocked everyone with a jump of 46’ 0.5, which set another school record. He was also able to qualify for Nationals with that jump. Yang has slowly emerged as the face of the track team since it is so rare to find such a young kid dominating everyone in the event. The entire school will be cheering on the stud as he will represent Chattahoochee at the national level.

Aside from records being broken, the Cougars had an astonishing eight members qualify for sectionals. Such a high number displays the superior coaching and intense competition the school has. Chattahoochee’s track and field team is like no other because of the determination all the athletes and coaches demonstrate everyday. Whether at practice or at a meet, the Cougars know how to put on a show.

MLB Reactions and Evidence

BrettGreenberg, Staff Reporter

The Major League Baseball season has started, and we are about one month underway in what is gearing up to be another great season full of talented teams, players and storylines. The season is roughly eight months long and a lot of things can happen or change after the first month of the season.

So far, the season has been going as predicted with the teams that were picked by experts performing better than everyone else. Some of the teams that have lived up to the preseason hype are the Houston Astros (16-7), the Boston Red Sox (17-4) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (15-6). These three teams were predicted to be good because of their stellar pitching rotations as well as their stacked batting lineups from top to bottom.

Both the Astros and the Red Sox have the rosters to make a deep run in October and are seemingly on a collision course to the American League Championship series. The Astros, the 2017 World Series Champions, added a key piece to their rotation, Gerrit Cole, who is a big addition to their pitching staff and has been excellent so far while averaging over ten strikeouts in his first three starts. The Red Sox also made a key signing during this offseason in J.D. Martinez, who has brought a new dynamic to the Red Sox lineup. Martinez adds power to a lineup that missed this in years’ past with five home runs already.

The New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers are two teams who have not necessarily lived up to the preseason hype. The New York Yankees traded for one of the best home run hitters in the entire league in Giancarlo Stanton. This trade shook the entire MLB landscape because the Yankees already have two other sluggers in Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez. This team was predicted to be an offensive powerhouse while also having a dominant pitching staff and bullpen. Although it is early, the Yankees have not lived up to the hype. Giancarlo Stanton has struggles recently having multiple five strikeout games this season. The Los Angeles Dodgers, fresh off a world series run, looked to be dominant once again, but have not been as convincing as prior years. Their ace, Clayton Kershaw, has not been as dominating as usual and the lineup has struggled in the first month.


American League Champion: Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros

National League Champion: Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Chicago Cubs

World Series Champion: Houston Astros

AL Most Valuable Player: Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels)

NL Most Valuable Player: Bryce Harper (Washington National)


Near Perfect

BrettGreenberg, Staff Reporter

BrendanHuet, Staff Reporter

The 2018 Men’s Varsity Soccer Team is wrapping up their season and heading into the playoffs. The team finished 10-3-3 and 7-1 in the region, earning them a second place seed for the GHSA 7-AAAAAA soccer state playoffs. The team battled the whole year without their primary goalie, Jack Corrigan (SR), after suffering a leg injury during the football season.

That 7-1 record seems unimportant to the naked eye due to the fact that the Cougars are heading to the playoffs once again this year. From the start of the 2014-2015 season, this squad has been the team to beat across the state. Over the four years, teams in the region have been unsuccessful in beating the Cougars. From 2014-2018, the Cougars have dominated the region compiling a 33-1 overall record over those four years. The one single loss came, ironically, during the team’s last game of the region against Cambridge, a game that would have won them the region and given them a perfect record of 34-0 over four years.  

This team has been anchored by three players over the past four years.. All three of these players lead the defense for the years with defensive middie, Ryan Kapper (SR) defensive back, Chris Spaid (SR) and goalie, Jack Corrigan (SR). These three have grown individually and as a group on and off the field with all three racking up all-region honors in each of the three years they started on the team. Even though there are arguments, the three have an unbelievable relationship on the field which has led them on this incredible run. Senior goalie Jack Corrigan stated, “I would not have wanted to complete this incredible journey with any other guys, and I am so happy at what we accomplished.” The team has won the region three of the four years. This group’s biggest accomplishment is, “winning the state championship our junior year” Ryan Kapper recalls. The most decorated player over the four years has been Chris Spaid, who has won region player of the year and racked up all-region teams each of the three years. “It has been an awesome ride with these two and all the other players, but we have unfinished business,” Spaid declares.

Clearly, this group of three has put Chattahoochee soccer on the map for years to come and have had an incredible time doing it. This team has accomplished so much in the last four years and the entire school could not be prouder.

Thank you to the coaches, players, trainers and fans. This amazing 33-1 region record was one to remember.