Syrian Missile Blitz

JaydenChin, Staff Reporter

On the morning of April 13th the United States joined forces with Britain and France to launch a joint missile strike on three chemical research and storage facilities in both Damascus and Homs, Syria. The strike was coordinated in response to a chemical weapon attack by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Syrian civilians on April 7th in the city of Douma. The Russian military reported that the Syrian chemical facilities only suffered minor damage, which claimed that Syria’s air defense systems shot down 71 of the 103 missiles before they hit their targets. A director of the Joint Staff at the Pentagon has denied Russia’s claim, saying that no missiles launched by the U.S. and its allies were shot down. Although no civilian casualties have been reported following the attacks, the target sites were all located in residential areas, hinting that American news sources may be lying.

           Many are asking what the purpose of the airstrikes were and what the aftermath will entail. The attack was suddenly carried out that morning with the purpose of destroying Syria’s known chemical weapon facilities which have held a major role in chemical research nationwide for years. The Syrian army will undoubtedly get the message regarding their use of such heinous weapons, but the airstrikes will have no major effect on the trajectory of the conflict. President Trump’s abrupt decision to strike was by Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who is responsible for Russia’s strong alliance with Syria. Putin warned Trump that launching the missiles on Syria will have a destructive effect on international relations and will cause instability for the whole global system. Putin even informed Trump that, “Russian forces will intercept and shoot down any missiles that the U.S. launches at Syria.” Trump then responded by posting one of his humorous tweets that said, “Get ready Russia, missiles are coming,”.

         The people of the United States expected nothing less from Trump. You would think that the leader of the free world should listen to the crucial advice given by the most powerful man in the world but knowing Trump it was almost certain that he would carry out with his plans. Many find it extremely ironic how Trump,is also extremely ironic how Trump, who has done immeasurable damage to American democratic norms, is standing up for international norms. Around 70 Syrian civilians were killed in the Douma chemical attacks, but roughly half a million civilians have been killed during the past seven years of civil war in Syria. The 107 tomahawk missiles launched by the U.S. and its allies, which cost around 1.4 million dollars each, ultimately changed nothing for the sake of the Syrian people. Although Russian officials stated that the destruction of Assad’s chemical weapon infrastructure won’t upset them too much, they will continue to protest any further attacks on Syria by the United States. The attacks were simply Trump’s way of telling Russia and Putin that despite their war and political victories, the United States will always remain in the game.



Training for Change

TaisFerreira, Staff Reporter

Discrimination still prominently exists in today’s world and we can see it happen in our everyday lives. One of the most recent happenings was the Starbucks scandal. On the 16th of April,  two African American men, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, walked into a Philadelphia Starbucks wanting to have a business meeting with one other colleague. Upon sitting down, Nelson asked one of the Starbucks employee to use the bathroom and the worker responded that the bathroom was for paying customers only. Therefore, he sat back down with Robinson and they both waited for their colleague to arrive. Before they could even attempt to understand the situation happening, they were both being arrested. A white Starbucks employee had called 911 on both of the men for “trespassing”. The arrest was recorded and went viral on all media platforms. They were both taken into a cell and were confined for hours on end with no outside contact and were let out later in the night, and no charges were officially filed.

Because of this incident, Starbucks has decided to close 8,000 stores for a day in which employees will be trained on how to deal with racial bias. It is only right that Starbucks provides training for their employees, arresting any non white person for “trespassing” when they are simply sitting and not bothering the restaurant like all of the other customers is unacceptable. Because of this, all restaurants should be required to give racial bias training to all of their employees.

I believe that even before a person is hired, they should be required to fill out several questionnaires that ask about what they would do if they were faced with a racial issue. Employees are being paid to serve all of their customers with respect and the same kind of treatment despite race, religion or disabilities. If a company desires to be a successful one, it should be more than willing to dedicate money to the proper training of its employees. With training, employees will be less likely to commit discriminatory actions that will damage their own employment and the company’s reputation. Overall, this is why companies should keep a tighter grasp on their customers training and the people they hire to represent their company. Discriminatory actions is not okay and will be ended if people work together to do so.


A Night of Excellence

TaisFerreira, Staff Reporter

With almost 2,000 students, Chattahoochee High School has a massive amount of students who excel in their field of interests. Chattahoochee also has a large hard working staff that goes above and beyond to help their students learn. And because of these high achieving students, Chattahoochee aims to give them the recognition they deserve.

First off, Chattahoochee dedicates their main hallway televisions to display a slideshow of those students with the highest standardized testing scores. For graduating seniors, they award their overall four-year  average with a cord. There are three different types of cords that a senior can receive. Summa Cum Laude is the highest ranking cord which is given to a student with an average of 96 or higher. The Magna Cum Laude is granted to those with a 92 or above, and lastly the Cum Laude is for those with an 88 or above.

In order to honor the staff and students of their achievements, Chattahoochee dedicates a whole night for it. The Night of Excellence awards acknowledge many different accomplishments. Book awards, scholarships, academic achievements and even recognition of the National Merit Scholars are recognized. Teachers even pick the student who held the highest grade in their course and showed the most hard work. Every year the awards nights are very similar to each other. One of the awards presented to the staff was Ms. Martin, who won NELC Teacher of the year 2018. Overall, A Night of Excellence was a huge success once again and served its purpose of giving students recognition for all of their hard work.


Social? Media

GraceSassaman, Staff Reporter


Awkwardness is inevitable. There will always be people who are simply bad at conversing, and that is just a part of life. Despite the recent emergence of social media and few studies conducted on its long-term impacts, scientists have already noted a considerable decline of frequent social media users’ social skills and perceptions. Simply, people are becoming more awkward.

Digital communication is revolutionary for people who want to stay in contact over long distances. But its convenience has supplanted face-to-face communication. When online daters apply deep significance and connection to the message that pops up from someone they “matched” with, they begin to think their online relationship is enriching. In reality, a simple miscommunication can wildly affect how the romantic connection is perceived, leaving the relationship one-sided.

The long-term implications of the disconnect created by technology is even more substantial. Research has shown time and time again that social media can have devastating impacts on mental health. It leaves users more susceptible to anxiety and depression. Frequent internet users may even suffer from reduced empathy. The increased anxiety and depression and lowered empathy that social media causes would only further people’s inclinations to stay indoors and refrain from socializing. It’s almost a self-sustaining positive feedback loop whose only end in sight is immediate intervention. The simple fact that some of my friends have texted me while we were sitting in the same room shows how comfortable we’ve become with the idea of replacing social interaction with technology. It’s only a matter of time before the effects of this transition are far-reaching.

Dear Baby Boomers…

KehishaJohnson, Staff Reporter

Dear Baby Boomers, (1946-1964)

Here’s a list of everything you get wrong about us millennials and everything we strongly dislike about you. Below are the top five things that I’ve narrowed down that drive me and other millennials absolutely insane. So grab your reading glasses and perhaps a cup of tea and feel free to jot down some notes that could potentially help us help you.  

#1. Our so called “entitlement” comes from your willingness to provide it to us. Please do not complain about how self-indulgent, anti-social and technology-dependent our generation has become all the while your generation continues to supply us with annual technology upgrades. It’s almost as if saying “although baby boomers are in fact responsible for introducing you to the wonders of technology, we will continue to constantly supply you with it but criticize your inability to detach yourselves from your devices!”

#2. News flash! Not all millennials are affluent – have you been outside of the suburbs recently? Probably not, because your generation is notorious for ignoring blatant issues.
One quote that would perfectly summarize the baby boomer generation is “see no evil, hear no evil.” Here’s an example of a conservation that usually leads to no solution.

Grandson- “Did you now that approximately 40.3 million families are living in poverty just in the US?”

Grandma- “Well you know, America is still the greatest country in the world, and we can’t solve everything! But if you pray, God will take care of it.”

#3. Mental illness is a serious issue. More than 20 percent of American youth suffer from mental disorders such as depression and anxiety on a weekly basis and suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America. A mental illness does not symbolize weakness nor does it define strength. Often times, teenagers develop mental illnesses because they were never truly taught how to cope in stressful situations. Other times, our rapidly changing society can be quite overwhelming to keep up.. Please recognize that mental disorders have nothing to do with our inability to adapt or our lack of resilience to difficult times.
#4. Getting into College is much more complex than you think. In 1960, the University of Georgia’s GPA requirement for admission was 3.0. This year, the University of Georgia’s average GPA admission requirement is approximately 4.0 (recalculated.) Approximately 4.0. Approxxximatteelyyyy 4.0000000.  

This means that our chances of getting into top schools could simply depend on scoring an A or B in a particular class. Also, let’s not forget that colleges also evaluate the number of AP courses and after school activities we’ve participated in to fully estimate the value of a particular student (because surely a University could never accept an underperforming B student.)

Father- “Sarah, with your 3.4 GPA you can surely get into the University of Michigan like I did!”

*Sarah plays soccer, is Vice President of the Chess team, works at a restaurant on the weekends, volunteers at every Monday, plays piano, takes 3 AP courses and is also in the school’s musical theater program. Sarah takes her father’s advice and applies to Michigan.

Meanwhile at Michigan-

“Our average GPA is an unweighted 3.8. Last fall we were able to admit 28.6% of applicants, 12% of  whom were Valedictorians of their class. Anything below a 3.8 GPA will not be considered.”

So as I was saying about the mental disorders? Try living in a period of time where just to get into your State University meant you had no room for mistakes. Don’t get me wrong, demanding excellence allows us to progress and move forward as a society. But determining our self worth from the numbers projected off of our transcripts? Imagine how much pressure that can put on a young student.

#5. Yes, millennial fashion isn’t as classy as you would like it to be, but the last time I checked the 80’s weren’t exactly a time of aesthetic prosperity. I’m sure we’ll also look back and cringe at our long tees and leggings trend but we’re aware of this and we take full responsibility. For now, let us our baggy sweatshirts in peace, and we’ll let you wear your velcro strap sketchers in peace.

These few examples do not apply to all baby boomers, so please do not be offended even if taking offense to everything we say is certainly your forte. Look, many of these probably don’t apply to you, but, as we progress towards of era of modernization, it is important to leave some of your traditionalist ideals in the past. That’s what adaptation is- the trait that many of you claim we lack so much. But perhaps, it is you who lacks the adaptation. Clinging on to the last bit of traditionalism that ever existed creates an even deeper divide between you and our generation, and, to be honest, the majority of us millennials don’t even want to be ostracized by all of you. However, if we took the time to understand and accept each other, we could begin to reject our sour thoughts of one another and ultimately help make Generational America Great Again.


Your replacements.


The Time Cube

NicRasool, staff reporter

The Time Cube Principle is a “theory of everything” concept that is meant to explain the universe, created by Doctor of Cubism Otis Eugene “Gene” Ray, self-described wisest man on Earth. It consists of the idea that the world is actually a cube, with four sides, a top and a bottom. It is believed that there is a global conspiracy to stifle belief in the Time Cube, as academia does not take it seriously and views it as a threat to society.

The main point of the Time Cube is that there are actually four sets of days; sunup, midday, sundown and midnight that all occur at the same time. This information is believed to be hidden by academics and world governments in favor of Greenwich Time, which to Gene Ray is itself a global conspiracy.

This has all been discussed in the Time Cube website, which is made up of literal blocks of text in different sized fonts. The website is free for visitors to scroll through the entirety of the Time Cube’s philosophy and science as there are no separate sections, homepage or really anything a modern webpage would have. The Time Cube website also contains a variety of non-sequiturs and a variety of grammatical errors, exemplified by these lines, “This a major lie has so much evil freed from it’s wrong. No man on Earth has no belly-button, it proves every believer on Earth a liar” (“Time Cube 4ce”).

Gene Ray has continuously offered ten thousand dollars to anyone who can disprove the Time Cube; however, no one has ever really been paid as no one is able to prove that they do not have a belly-button. This is because, according to Gene Ray, “Belly-Button Logic Works” as it is a sign of the mother goddess leaving her signature on the world. The Time Cube “works” because it disproves the Bible, as it is based on the idea that God was born from a mother who left a “Belly B. Signature” on the world.

Mr. Bancroft, Chattahoochee’s debate coach, was interviewed about the Time Cube principle for his thoughts on the matter. After a long period of deliberation, and a period of sighs and groans, Mr. Bancroft finally stated that he does not believe in the Time Cube; however, he is “willing to entertain the idea.” A variety of other students and faculty members were interviewed on the Time Cube Principle, and a majority were unaware of its existence.

Those who knew what it was, could really only smile and laugh.

Gene Ray died in 2015, but his legacy lives on in the form of the Time Cube and the subsequent memes and jokes brought about from it. The theory has been mocked by a number of people, including students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology when Gene Ray was invited to speak at an independent seminar, but whether it will continue to be a joke or will fade into obscurity is currently unknown.

Roommate Roulette

GraceSassaman & NadiaDowlatkhah, Staff Reporters

Most first-year college students who have to live on campus face the dilemma of choosing a roommate. It seems like the easy way out is to choose your best friend as your future roommate, but many graduates warn against this. Still, others say that going random is basically just a year-long blind date, and we all know how bad those can turn out.

Let’s examine the worst possible outcomes of choosing a roommate. Ask most people and they’d answer something along the lines of uncleanliness. Perhaps their roommate is too loud, annoying, keeps odd hours and parties too much. Maybe it can all be chalked up to incompatible personalities. Now, how many of these traits can you gauge through a few cursory conversations? That’s right, absolutely none. People can misrepresent themselves, and they certainly will if they believe you’re the ideal roommate, whether or not they are.

So, essentially, unless you’re rooming with a friend you’ve known for a long time and can bully into keeping the room clean or being quiet, you know very little about your selected roommate. You can schedule a hangout, but the facts you’ll learn about your future roomie are frankly irrelevant. You can get generic answers to general questions that most people will answer the same way anyway. Sure, it may be important for you to know their intended major, but that’s not exclusive information that you’re getting. You’re just getting that knowledge earlier than someone who opts for a randomly selected roommate.

It’s established that the only possible advantage of selecting a roommate based on a few characteristics they’ve chosen to represent themselves with is finding a roommate with a similar taste in decor. Now, let’s take a look at the various and titillating advantages of going random.

Really, if you’re going random, just tack on some more exhilaration and nail-biting suspense in the summertime lull before freshman year. You’re essentially starting over: new school, new friends, new classes. So start the first step of your adulthood with a new outlook too! Don’t try to exercise control in a lame attempt to soothe anxiety when you truly have very little power over the situation. Whether you and your roommate end up being best friends or totally incompatible isn’t something you can inherently decide. The same goes for life in general. Trying to control situations that are out of your control is futile. Instead, you can approach the outcome with optimism and take things in stride. That will determine your experience.

The difference between opting for a random roommate and essentially choosing a random roommate is peace of mind, which is personally a feeling long forgotten and, frankly, no longer chased.

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