NCAA Football > NFL

BrettGreenberg, Staff Reporter

NCAA football is far better than the NFL for plenty of reasons. When people think of college football, rivalries, college playoffs and bragging rights are the first things that come to mind. However, when people think of the NFL, they immediately imagine overpaid players who are only playing for the check, boring offenses and somewhat of a predetermined Super Bowl Champion. Although a case can be made for both sides, I believe college football is superior to the NFL.

Although the NFL has a dedicated fan base, it is not as large as college football and nowhere close to as intense. College football fans are there from the beginning, watching the recruiting process and following along to see if their beloved team will be able to do just enough to sign that highly-touted high school player who seems poised to make an immediate impact for a team the minute he steps on the field. With the NFL, the fans are just there for the ride because of the NFL draft, where the ownership makes executive decisions for the future of the team.

Anyone who follows college football knows that the league has some of the most storied rivalries such as Ohio State versus Michigan, Auburn Alabama and the Florida – Georgia game. These rivalries bring the best out of the fans, players and storylines in college football. Because a majority of a certain school’s fans are alumni from that school, there is an indescribable connection that prompts college fans to feel personally tied and responsible for the school’s team. The rivalries promote healthy, but intense, competition between the two schools that adds drama for the rest of college football’s fans.

With the NFL, the tie or connection to the team is not as close because a majority of NFL fans are simply fans of their hometown team. The rivalries aren’t as great either. The NFL has somewhat of an unwritten rule that each of the thirty-two teams has to run the same boring offense or a variation of the pro-style offense which includes a running back behind the quarterback with two or three wide receivers lined up outside with a tight end. With the limited variation in offense play-calling, the NFL fan becomes bored because even they can predict what play is going to be run and what will happen next.

In college football, players are working towards the next step in their master plans, to be drafted and play in the NFL. That is why the overall effort during games in college seems far more dedicated than that of the NFL’s.  In the NFL, these players have found success and have already received their million dollar contracts, so players lack the drive found in college football. In college, there is simply more passion in each and every play, while in the NFL, walking during a play is commonplace for national television.

The final reason college football is far superior to the NFL is that simply anything can happen once two teams step on the field. They are considered equally talented and,thus, equally likely to win the game. For example, in the 2013 Iron Bowl (Auburn versus Alabama), Alabama was a heavy favorite going into the game, but that did not mean anything. It was the end of the game with the clock reading that only six seconds were left. The game was tied 28-28. With one second left, Alabama attempted a fifty-seven-yard field goal that would presumably either win Alabama the game or send the game into overtime. Then, the “Prayer at Jordan-Hare” or the “Kick-Six” happened. Alabama kicked the football,and it ended up short. However, it ended up short in an Auburn player’s hands at the end zone. Next thing you know, Auburn is in Alabama’s end zone celebrating a world-class win after the Auburn player ran the ball 109 yards.

In the NFL, not as many crazy, unexpected things can happen. There is somewhat of a predetermined Super Bowl winner. It’s the same four or five teams that are in contention including the New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Since I have started watching the NFL, there has not been anywhere close to the excitement that college football brings and for that reason, college football is far superior to the NFL.


We Want Edmodo

BrendanHuet, Staff Reporter

In my previous years of high school, Chattahoochee has used a student resource tool called Edmodo. Edmodo was a way for students to stay on top of their schoolwork, and it was also very effective for communication purposes. But this year, Chattahoochee has elected not to use Edmodo and decided that each teacher should just have their own website. Well, it has been approximately a month and a half without Edmodo, and my work has been as unorganized as ever. There may be a valid explanation for the change, but Chattahoochee High School, we want Edmodo back.

The main purpose of Edmodo was to provide access to student resource tools such as calendars, extra practice, answers keys, and anything else the teacher gave the students for help. These new websites that have replaced Edmodo do the same thing, except every teacher has their own website. Edmodo was convenient for students because every teacher was using it.

Now, students must have all the website links and their usernames and passwords for the websites written somewhere so they don’t forget.  Will Bracknell (SR) claims, “I feel like I have had to change my study habits and organization techniques this year without Edmodo.” This is a struggle for students this year because everyone was so used to Edmodo and the conveniences that came with it.

Also, the communication factor has decreased with Edmodo.  Normally with Edmodo, all students had to do was send their teacher a message through the app and the teacher would receive a notification. This was helpful because the teacher could answer quick questions very easily. Now without Edmodo, students have to email their teacher if they have a question. This is hard because teachers do not usually log onto their school email once they leave school. So, it is very rare to get your questions answered before the next morning.

From a teacher’s perspective, Mrs. Paxton feels that Edmodo “really allowed the classes’ communication to be crisp and made it easier for everyone.” Without a consistent form of communication, having a well-rounded class is hard to develop.

Due to the mysterious disappearance of this resource tool that Chattahoochee has been using for several years, some research had to be done to find out what happened. It turns out that Edmodo’s technology platform was hacked at the end of May. The hacker had control of about 77 million accounts, including all of the accounts’ emails and passwords.

With some investigation by Motherboard, a technology and science publication owned by Vice, it was reported that the hacker sold the information for $1,000 on the “dark web.”  This is most likely the reason why the administration made the decision to no longer use Edmodo, considering a large amount of other Edmodo users did the same.

Although the administration at Chattahoochee High School had a valid reason for stopping the use of Edmodo, that does not mean it has not had a huge affect on students and teachers. Without the ability to access of Edmodo, the organization of students has been lacking, the use of separate websites for every teacher has caused widespread confusion and the communication between students and their teachers are at an all time low. Because of all of the struggle being seen in this first quarter of the school year, I believe I can say this with confidence: we want Edmodo back.






Why the Aliens Refuse to Visit Us

GraceSassaman, Staff Reporter

We all know they’re out there. There’s really no denying their existence at this point. But the nagging question remains: why haven’t aliens contacted us yet? They’re probably fully capable of doing so, but they’re refusing to reach out to their human counterparts because of some repulsive observations of the earth and its peoples. Some people may ask, “just what about us is so dreadful that aliens are refusing the chance to change the universe forever?” Well, there are some worldly issues that the aliens can’t seem to overcome.

    1. Pineapple on pizza. When the extra-terrestrials discovered the unassailable combination of bread, tomato sauce, and cheese, humans immediately became a little bit more respectable. However, millions of humans across the globe have a preference for pineapple, a sweet fruit, as their first topping choice. This understandably disgusted the extra-terrestrials. They left and never looked back.
    2. People who pour milk before the cereal. It’s painful to think about how some humans do this. This type of person simply cannot be trusted, as their basic moral principles are compromised. Cereal goes before milk. That’s just the way it is and always will be. Aliens couldn’t stand the small percentage of the population that partakes in this sin, so they decided that their time would be better spent somewhere far, far away from Earth.
    3. People who bite into, instead of break apart, Kit-Kat bars. This act is truly an abomination. The Kit-Kat corporation designed their chocolate candy bars for easy consumption via the distinct separations of each wafer. Some humans, however, have decided to ignore all rules and bite directly into the four wafers at once. It’s a cringe-worthy reason for the aliens to avoid us. (To the unprincipled people who do this: Kourtney Kardashian posted a tutorial on this exact concept, explaining how to correctly eat Kit-Kats. It is strongly suggested that these people take some time to watch it.)
    4. The presidency of Donald Trump. Self-explanatory.
    5. Android users. No matter how much Android users deny it, Apple has been in control of the phone industry for a while. Android users are fine in theory, but when that green text bubble shows up, Apple users and the aliens quickly become annoyed. Just make the switch already; it’s 2017.
    6. All “Rick And Morty” fans. The fanbase of the spinoff of “Back to the Future” has gained notoriety. These fans cannot be stopped with their impulsive need to yell catchphrases from the show. Oh, you’re Pickle Rick? The aliens don’t care.
    7. People who wear socks to bed. These freaks apparently don’t understand life on Earth. It may or may not be a matter of personal hygiene, but either way, the thought of feet being enclosed in a slightly damp-from-sweat sock is something that keeps the aliens up at night.

It would be incredible for the aliens to reach out to our world, but as long as there are people who participate in this list of offenses, there’s a chance that the aliens will avoid us forever. Can we rightfully blame them for distancing themselves from us? If you identify with any of the above, feel free to change your ways! Maybe aliens will visit sooner than we think.

The Modern Sirens of Coast Modern

TaisFerreira, Staff Writer

When one is asked what their definition of a concert is, the answer most likely describes an upscale venue, hundreds of people and a well-known band performing. And while many do prefer a large-scale concert, numerous others lean towards smaller venues. Smaller venues provide the audience with a more intimate feel with the performers and calmer environments that allow the sound to be clearer. Smaller venues in Atlanta usually consist of The Tabernacle, The Loft, Vinyl and Terminal West. These venues host a variety of aspiring bands and artists.

On September 30, Coast Modern, an American indie band that originated in Los Angeles, California, performed at The Vinyl. The band is a duo of Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp as lead singer and guitarist respectively.

Due to the concert taking place at the Vinyl, tickets were only $15 per person and all ages were welcomed. Arriving to the venue was an easy ride through a few highways, and parking was located within the same building as the concert room. Upon walking into the concert room, a bouncer checks identifications to permit entrance into the concert. The room had a relaxing environment to it with the lights dim and the stage paired with soft blue lighting along the curtains.

The concert started off with an opening show by Trash Panda, a three man psychedelic rock band. After a 40-minute opening rock performance, Coast Modern started setting up their drums on stage before coming out. They started off with singing their most popular songs from their most recently launched album. Both singers were accompanied by an extra guitarist and drummer that added to the overall rich and deep toned bass. Coast Modern sang for about an hour and when the crowd requested an encore, they quickly ran out and happily provided a final song. Overall the artists performed with clear voices and took advantage of the intimate atmosphere the small venue provided and it created a captivated crowd.

Colleges Illegally Paying Recruits?

MatthewKohn, News and Sports Editor

In 1987, the NCAA handed out the only death penalty in history to the Southern Methodist University football program. The death penalty is the harshest punishment a college can receive because it bans the school from competing in that sport for at least one full year. SMU was shut down for the entire ‘87 year for paying recruits to sign with the team, including future hall-of-fame and all-time great running back Eric Dickerson. Since that one year ban, the Mustangs have not been a relevant football program and are fighting to return to the level of play that they were once known for.

Thirty years later, the NCAA is looking at another situation where the enforcement of the death penalty may be warranted. In the past couple of weeks the news of a massive college basketball scandal has surfaced. The FBI has been investigating certain coaches and overall businesses of eight different colleges. Multiple coaches have been accused of receiving money to pay recruits to sway them to play for their school. Also, Adidas has been under investigation for providing young stars large amounts of money to play for schools that Adidas represents. The programs that have been impacted by the FBI investigation thus far include: Louisville, Arizona, Oklahoma State, Auburn, Southern California, South Carolina, Miami and Alabama.

Of these eight schools, the University of Louisville is under the most scrutiny due to the extremity of the accusations and their past issues with the NCAA. Soon after news of the scandal was released, Louisville fired their hall-of-fame coach, Rick Pitino, along with their athletic director. This is also not Louisville’s first NCAA violation during Pitino’s tenure as head coach. Just last season,Louisville was involved in a scandal that provided escorts and exotic dancers to potential recruits in order to sway them to sign with the Cardinals. That scandal ended with Louisville not being eligible to compete in the 2016 NCAA Tournament. However, the scandal currently being investigated will not go away as easily. Around $100,000 was paid to a single recruit identified as Brian Bowen, who has since been suspended indefinitely for accepting the bribe to commit to Louisville. Also, because the FBI is also involved,it is likely that the punishments are even more severe. If Louisville is able to escape the death penalty, they will still likely be hit with a multi-year suspension from competing in postseason tournaments. Louisville would also lose a large amount of scholarship funds in this scenario.

The other schools will likely receive punishments of less severity, but this type of spotlight will surely tarnish the reputation of those schools. The domino effect has already started though, as many top recruits that have committed to these programs have started decommitting, including five-star Anfernee Simons, who decommitted from Louisville just days after the news broke. This is just the beginning, as recruiting will become a nightmare for the schools involved in this scandal because the schools will have less scholarships to offer and players will not want to go to a school that has a tarnished reputation.

It is likely that the scandal will go on for weeks or even months and that more schools will be found to have been involved. When the FBI finishes it’s investigation and the NCAA hands out the punishments, the results will have an everlasting effect on all of the people and programs involved. This scandal will end careers, ruin the reputations of many and should be a wakeup call to anyone even thinking of doing something corrupt in the NCAA.


Uncommon Jobs You Didn’t Even Know Existed

TaisFerreira,Staff Writer

When getting ready to graduate, many people will ask the dreaded question, “What major will you pursue in college?” Many people will confront this question with the typical, “I want to be a doctor” or “I want to be a salesperson.” However, not everyone falls into the category of wanting to have a typical job. Many students choose to go down a different route regarding careers, picking a career based on the things they love, even if that thing is as random as worms, hedgehogs, gum, mattresses or simply chocolate!

  • Worm Picker:  Being a worm picker tends to only require a high school diploma as well as completion of on-the-job training. The job entails walks around gardens and parks to use flashlights and pick the worms. The Average salary for this job ranges from $17,000 to– $44,000 a year.
  • Professional Apologizer: To be an apologizer, one must have a college degree, but not necessarily from the communications field. Apologizers must have experience with customer service and must be able to write apology letters and apologize in person. The average salary for this job is $33.00 per hour.
  • Hedgehog Officer: Hedgehog officers are required to use their love for wildlife and help conserve hedgehog habitats. Officers move around different communities encouraging residents to take down fences or any barriers that block hedgehogs ability to move freely. The average salary for this job is $31,000 per year.  
  • Gumologist. Gum tasters are required to sample various new flavors of gum and distinguish the different flavors. The average salary for this job ranges from $74,000 to $107,500 per year.
  • Bed Tester: The average salary for this job is $53,000 per year. Bed testers are a sleep lover’s dream job. The job requires you to nap on certain mattresses to test the quality of pillows, blankets and mattresses.
  • Chocolate Taster: These employees spend their work day testing chocolate based on its quality, flavor and creaminess. The average salary for this job ranges from of $24,000 to $70,000 per year.

Falling Falcons?

RithikDoddla, Staff Reporter

Coming into the season, the Atlanta Falcons had high expectations, as they were bouncing back from arguably the worst Super Bowl loss in NFL history. The team took a motivated approach to the loss by studying that game’s film intensely in order to improve. Except for offensive guard Chris Chester and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, the entire offense returned for the 2017 season. The defense looked to be much stronger, as they had cornerback Desmond Trufant returning from an injury and acquired defensive tackle Dontari Poe in free agency. Going into the season, many people thought the Atlanta Falcons had the most talented roster in the league.                                  

During the season opener, the Falcons did not play as well as expected since they barely escaped the Chicago Bears by dropping a game-winning touchdown in the last seconds. Fans believed it was just a fluke, as the team bulldozed through the Green Bay Packers, one of the best teams in the NFL the following week. In week three, the Atlanta Falcons once again lucked out against the Detroit Lions after a last second touchdown that would have won the Lions the game was overturned. The Falcons’ luck finally came to an end as they played terribly against the Buffalo Bills and failed to put together a game-winning drive in the last minutes of the game.

Coming off this terrible loss, the Atlanta Falcons’ rest days are much needed. It gives Coach Dan Quinn a chance to regroup his team and prepare them to come back stronger than ever. Fans should not worry as Atlanta has had multiple slow starts and ended up playing the rest of the season exceptionally. Last year they opened the season with a loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-24 but still managed to make the Super Bowl. Something notable is that after their bye week, Atlanta lost only one game until the Super Bowl.

Fans are currently left wondering if the Dirty Birds’ 3-2 record is well deserved and if the team will be able to achieve great heights this season. These fans should not forget that the Falcons arguably have the best offense in the league and a young, fast and athletic defense. Julio Jones is unstoppable on the field and Matt Ryan is red hot coming off an MVP season. Vic Beasley is out to protect his sack title and Deon Jones is ready to lead this defense after having the most tackles among rookies last season. Overall, the Atlanta Falcons’ roster is absolutely stacked and more motivated than ever. The team emphasized how diligent they have been working as they have their eyes on the Lombardi Trophy. The Falcons’ should bounce back after the bye week and once again be the best team in the NFL.


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